Pacers Star Paul George Confirmed as NBA 2K17 Cover Star, Early Tip-Off Coming in September

Pacers Star Paul George Confirmed as NBA 2K17 Cover Star, Early Tip-Off Coming in September

Richard Walker

2K has confirmed that Indiana Pacers shooting guard/small forward Paul George has assumed cover star duties for NBA 2K17, or rather for the standard edition of the game. The Legendary Edition features now retired LA Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant as its cover star. George, meanwhile, earns cover star status after a career best season scoring 23.1 points per game.

"I have been playing NBA 2K as long as I can remember, and to be honoured as cover athlete of NBA 2K17 is a blessing and vote of confidence that my hard work on and off the court has paid off," said George. "I'm excited to partner with 2K and hope to help take the franchise to the next level."

2K has also revealed an Early Tip-Off date for NBA 2K17 of 16th September. Anyone who pre-orders NBA 2K17 from participating retailers can get their copy of the game before anyone else, with in-game digital content including 50,000 in Virtual Currency, a MyTEAM Bundle with three MyTEAM packs (including guaranteed Paul George Free Agent card), and more besides.

  • I dont really care about covers anymore. Is about how good the game is and lately thwy havent been all that good. Just updated rosters How about a baseball game thats good for a change
  • @1 it's obvious you don't play 2k...because it most certainly isn't just updated rosters. that's mega BS. 2k16 is leagues better than 15, especially with the pick and roll play.
  • I stop playing 2k since 09. But im not saying 2k16 wasnt bad. I just stop paying 60 for sports game.
  • I don't have a problem paying $60 for it since I constantly still play NBA 2K. I get well more than my money's worth with how often I play it. However I don't buy it every year. I usually skip a year or two between purchases. I last bought 2K15 so I might get 2K17.
  • It has to catch your attention to buy right or wrong. 2k15 was garbage i think 2k16 was a lil more decent. With all that story mode. What else is there to do
  • @5 Eh I play MyCareer for hundreds of hours a year so definitely worth it for me. It's probably the only game I actually consistently play all year.
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