It Looks Like Dead Rising 4 Could Be a Thing

It Looks Like Dead Rising 4 Could Be a Thing

Richard Walker

While rumours concerning a new entry in the Dead Rising series have been doing the rounds, including developer Capcom Vancouver staffing up for ambitious Unreal Engine 4 titles, it seems that one of those games could well be Dead Rising 4.

That's if leaked images showing the game's poster artwork, title screen and a solitary in-game shot are to be believed. According to a site called ThisGenGaming, Dead Rising 4 could be a remake of the first Dead Rising set during Christmas, with the game's mall in Willamette, Colorado surrounded by snow. As such, it seems that Dead Rising hero Frank West (he's covered wars, y'know) will make a comeback.

Of course, blurry off-screen pictures typically don't tend to be all that reliable a source, but Kotaku notes that it's seen another shot of the same poster from a separate source, which corroborates the leaked artwork's legitimacy somewhat.

Whatever the case, it's almost certain that Capcom will officially reveal Dead Rising 4 during E3 next week, if indeed this leak proves to be trustworthy. Whether it will actually be a Dead Rising 1 remake starring Frank West and which platforms it will appear on should also be confirmed. Watch this space.

  • Maybe I'm in the minority, but I never liked frank west. Maybe that's the point of his character, but it kind of tore me away from enjoying the game. But I'm still excited for anothet DR.
  • Looks more like Negan from Walking Dead than Frank West.
  • I am all 4 this, bring it on!!
  • (Y) Feels like DR3 was released a few months ago, sounds good
  • Ooooh I am excited! My favourite series of all time!
  • hopefully with a lot less blocked streets this time, my god that was the worst in 3.
  • I love the Dead Rising series and would be be all over a DR4!
  • Consider me horny I can't wait for this E3
  • Let's just hope it's better then 3, that game was just a glorified tech demo.
  • @1 He's covered wars, you know. DR4 would be awesome. I loved DR3. It was easily the best launch title, I thought. Sure, it wasnt a great entry in the DR franchise, but it was still a superb game. If it's a DR1 remaster/remake, for the right price I'd definitely give it a go.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being a console exclusive on either side. Capcom seems to be selling the exclusivity of their franchises to the highest bidder in exchange for splitting dev costs.
  • Dead Rising 3 was a near classic. Definitely excited for the new one.
  • I didn't even start playing DR3 yet. Only because I keep waiting week after week for a lower priced season pass. Despite the fact the DLC is mediocre from what I heard, with the last seperate DLC 40$ is too steep for me. And yes. I was there when the DR2 Case Zero demo came out. I boughthe Case Zero at release.
  • Please bring back Frank West! It's a shame he was only in one DLC in DR3
  • I would like to see Dead Rising 2 go Backwards compatible first. I did enjoy the original Dead Rising. However, I never got into playing DR2 (which I got for free or really cheap i think) and never played DR3.
  • Please let it be more like DR1 and DR2 and much less like DR3. The third wasn't a bad game, but it strayed too far from Dead Rising and more into casual sandbox genre that takes away what made the first two so special. I need that pressure and intensity back from the original two.
  • Bring back that endless mode from DR1 if you are at it.
  • I didn't really care for Frank West. Preferred Chuck Green as being more relatable & as #16 said 3 was good, but more sandbox, so Nick Ramos was a forgettable character. Be cool if the next one allowed you to create a character with preset names for the NPCs to talk to.
  • Dead rising 3 wasn't all that good, but let's hope they've learned from their mistakes on dr3 if this is true!
  • dead rising 3 was too easy... go back to the deadlines and have zombies be a threat again...
  • @20 - hell no, I hate anything gaming wise that has me racing a clock
  • @20 The zombies were a threat in DR1&2? Really? The only real threats were the bosses. The zombies were always more of an obstacle than anything. @21 Git Gud
  • Excited, but please be a new game in a new location rather than some sort of remake/reboot of the original Willamette location. Also, yes, bring back the time mechanic and make the game actually have some difficulty again please. Dead Rising 2, Off the Record and Dead Rising 3 were piss easy.
  • So glad this is a thing! DR1 Willamette remaster sounds so perfect. I like that they're continuing the same exclusivity that DR3 had, Xbox One really needs this. I want more of the older E3 hits to release soon though, there's too many games announced at E3, then just get put into hibernation, like Crackdown, Scalebound, etc. Just come out with Scalebound this year already!
  • DR3 was the weakest out of the series. it wasn't a combination of silly and happy go lucky as the first 2-3 (DR1, DR2, DR2OTR). DR2 Off the Record was my favorite playing co-op and doing all the challenges together to unlock achievements. Those challenges were awesome. DR3 was too serious and Chuck is cool. I like him. Not a downer like Chuck but he was good
  • Dead Rising 1 was the reason I bought the Xbox360 and Dead Rising 3 the reason why I bought XboxOne. Now I'm all in love with the series! Oh yeah.
  • I guess we can count thd best ones in order DR > DR2 > DR3. Third was good fun, but way too easy, even that nightmare mode was laughable. I got 1000g in six days i think. Also it felt rushed, history and gameplay wise. DR2 was great, especially the combo card addition, and fixed many problems DR1 had (controls). DR1 however flawed it was, its still the best one. For its time (and still today) it was so unique and original. I have a lot of frustratingg memories, but the fond ones far outweight them. Hope 4 carry the strenghts of each entry, and manage to feel fresh as well. Lets wait and see.
  • One of the coolest series ever
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