Are Skyrim Remastered, Prey 2, Wolfenstein 2 and Evil Within 2 Headed to E3?

Are Skyrim Remastered, Prey 2, Wolfenstein 2 and Evil Within 2 Headed to E3?

Dom Peppiatt

Rumours abound that an Xbox One and PS4 remaster of Skyrim will be shown off at Bethesda's E3 conference on Sunday, June 12th. 

But that's not all - during a H.A.M Radio Podcast, member Shinobi602 briefly mentioned there was a 'remaster of sorts... for something' coming up during the conference, and NeoGAF user Dragon Punch seemed to suggest similar statements - even going as far as to say the Skyrim remaster would feature 'all DLC, support mods and have improved visuals.'

Prey 2, meanwhile, is rumoured to be developed by Dishonoured developer Arkane (well, their Texas studio at least!) - not the same game that was leaked a few years back, because Bethesda confirmed that was cancelled in 2014.

Wolfenstein: The New Order 2, then, was sort-of confirmed by a vocie actor form the first game that mentioned she was working on 'another game in the series'.

The Evil Within 2 is the most wishy-washy of all the rumours: it's generally assumed it'll be happening... but considering what a leaky ship this E3 has been so far (and we're still days away from it actually starting), we're expecting to hear something about it soon.

Other than that - Bethesda has confirmed we'll see the first Dishonored 2 gameplay at its conference this year, whetting appetites for its release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 11th this year.

  • Remaster Morrowind man
  • Yes, let's continue the trend of remastered old games on new consoles. Great job devs, so glad E3 is becoming a forum of the old, rather than the new.
  • Agree with #1, Morrowind needs to happen. I'd love Oblivion and even the earlier games too. Skyrim would be bottom of the list, but still welcome.
  • Skyrim? Every man and his dog has that already. I would much prefer Morrowind. Although chances are it'll atleast have mod support
  • Skyrim would keep me busy for another 300 hours
  • @1 and 3 - unfortunately i read somewhere that they said they will never do it
  • All of this would be awesome, except a Skyrim remaster. Maybe an Oblivion remake, but not Skyrim.
  • yeah, no skyrim. will i buy it? yes. but i want morrowind. that is hands down the best game in the series
  • A new Evil Within and Wolfenstein would be fantastic. Bethesda's conference was my personal favourite last year, would love for them to repeat that :)
  • @2 Did you miss the 3 new games they also mentioned? Also their is no way Skyrim Remastered would be instead of TES 6, because that's like 3-5 years away, minimum.
  • The QA part of me cannot ignore "a vocie actor form the first game"
  • Please be true.
  • Seems like a bad idea, given skyrum on the pc through nodding will be able to vastly out do whatever the 'remastered' version could offer. Never mind how shallow and uninteresting the world is...
  • @13 Well, mods work on console for Fallout 4, so it's not unreasonable to assume they might also have mods working for Skyrim too.
  • @10 They're
  • Skyrim isn't even 5 years old at this point, why are they remastering that instead of Morrowind or at the very least Oblivion? I would love to play Oblivion again, and get all the achievements again. I played through it every year for 4 or 5 years in a row because i loved it, but Skyrim honestly isn't old enough to be getting a remastered version. I would rather see Morrowind though because I barely started it on PC, but after playing Oblivion and going back to Morrowind after the fact it just didn't look good and the gameplay wasn't as good. I don't understand why so many games are getting remastered version less than 5 years after release, they aren't going to look much better going from 720P to 1080P. It just isn't worth buying them again this quickly. I understand the remakes of the old Resident Evil games that are 15-20 years old, but when games are 2-5 years old and getting remasters it is a bit out of hand.
  • I loved Skyrim but my god that game is a monstrous time sink, the upgrade would have to be really significant for me to even consider throwing away my social life a second time xD Wolfenstein 2 is all I truly want from that group anyhow, God I loved the TNO and TOB.
  • I'd be all over a Wolfenstein 2, but TEW was SERIOUSLY disappointing.
  • Oblivion remake please! loved that game and it's levelling system so much! E3 is almost here and I love hearing about the new stuff... Good times:)
  • bring co op play to this game.. we need it, eso was a failure... do it
  • @15 Geez, man... IF you must correct someone... AT LEAST BE CORRECT! "There" is the spelling he should have used, not "they're" (OR "their"). Stupid people correcting stupid people. Should be the title of a new indie game!
  • Holy fuck 21 you took the words right out of my mouth!
  • I hope Patrick Stewart is there to hand out sweetrolls.
  • @21 - I'd buy that game. Sounds fun!
  • Morrowind deserves a remake, not just a remaster.
  • Whilst I get everyone's frustration that they would prefer the older Elder Scrolls games, we should just be happy that they are doing it with Skyrim. Yes its not the best one but it was a great deal of fun, and maybe if its a success they will look into the others. Just putting a positive vibe on this news as it seems to have brought a lot of people down. Come one, who is not looking forward to shouting FUS DO RAH at their Xbox again! :)
  • #26 - Agreed. People expecting to much....
  • I'd get a Skyrim remaster if it had better graphics and mod support. Even if I already have it on PC with a ton of mods, it's just that I'm busy playing other stuff on PC :D But Morrowind/Oblivion would be better for sure. Best would be a new TES but can't have it all, obviously.
  • I REALLLLY hope Evil Within 2 is announced. I loved the first one. Such a good game.
  • This remaster thing is such a joke. Borrowed the Resident Evil remakes from a bud and it looks the exact same as the Gamecube version..... lol now this is one more publisher to add to my "buy only used games so they get none of my money" list. Pfffffff Bethesda.
  • I'll buy Prey 2 and Wolfenstein:New Order 2 from this list.
  • I am really excited for a remake of any Bethesda game but unfortunately my 360 Skyrim character took an arrow to the knee so I don't think I will be able to export him because his adventuring days are done lol
  • The Evil Within would be the best suprise of the 3, Shinji Mikami delivery a quality experience that harped back to his old Resident Evil roots before survival horror seemed to slowly fade away. Prey 2 and Wolfenstein would defintely get a look in too. A Skyrim remake, not so much. Played it enough on 360 and have no desire to go back to it again.
  • MORROWIND!!! Please!!!
  • Morrowind just isn't practical, its markedly different to the current crop of games, so much so that it isn't plausible to do a remaster,it would need a full remake but that would mean numerous changes to the game and it would lose something in the process.
  • Always wanted to play skyrim so here's hoping maybe mods will also come?
  • The amount of hypocrites on this site is hilarious! Most remasters that THEY dont want are blasted and the publisher/developer get a right moaning at but when a game like this comes up they are all for it! Make your fuckin minds up! Did you really spend all that money on a machine only to play shit ID games and games that are already on 360? The answer has to be no surely...
  • Evil Within 2 would be great, I really enjoyed the first one. Can't wait to see some Dishonored 2 gameplay too.
  • Ugh, it's so frustrating that people keep buying remasters. I don't know how there is a market for it at all. We haven't reached the height of gaming excellence yet, if only the developers would stop polishing turds. If you want to play a game, particularly one that's made in the last few years, why not just play the game as it was released, the slight improvements don't really add anything to the enjoyment of the game. Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are all great games, they were great games at the time and they're great games now. The only reason a studio remasters a game is to get money for minimal work, which is great for them, but buying into it just feeds the fad.
  • Morrowind would be nice. I still have some work to do in Skyrim, so if they put it out I won't be pouncing til its
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