The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Definitive Edition Surfaces in Retail Listing

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Definitive Edition Surfaces in Retail Listing

Richard Walker

A listing for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Definitive Edition for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has surfaced via online retailer, adding fuel to the fire that it could be among the titles Bethesda will be announcing during its E3 press conference next week.

Normally, retailer listings aren't really worth paying all that much attention to. But every now and again, one crops up and proves to be wholly accurate. This could fall into that latter category, especially given the fact that it's already leaked once this week.

Other games rumoured for Bethesda's presser include The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order 2, Prey 2 and more. It looks like this year's E3 is shaping up to be a big one. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Definitive Edition is set for 23rd November according to the listing.

  • Was just talking about how it'd be fun to play through this and get all the achievements again. I hope they'll make a new achievement list if this turns out to be true.
  • they wont, it will be the same with Batman: return to arkham, they will just use the old list from asylum and arkham city on 360
  • I expect this is just a reaction to the leak and Base are trying to stay ahead of the curve, grab some pre-orders before other retailers get in on it
  • This guarantees this now. I want Bioshock Collection more though. I look forward to Wolfenstein:The New Order 2 and Prey 2 more than anything.
  • As much as I loved Skyrim, I doubt Id get this again for anything more than $20. And even then, I still might not. There's too many other games coming out for me to be able to wholly play Skyrim again. If they really wanted my money, they'd remake Morrowind, or Oblivion.
  • Hmm, that's kinda more than I was hoping to pay (assuming that's the real price). Hopefully they'll do some sort of upgrade discount like they did with Dishonored HD.
  • Would be nice if they included mod support, wouldn't consider touching this otherwise, found the main game shallow and rather boring after a bit. Don't know, suppose I've just become more use to well developed game worlds.
  • Not interested. Remasters are a waste of money, especially in this next gen phase where were meant to be getting exciting new games.
  • @3, Yeah, I pretty much agree. Although, I believe the leak is real, and we will see a Skyrim remaster. I just think Base have reacted to the leak, and they have no official word on it. I mean, of course Bethesda would tell Base, right. They're all good pals lol (sarcasm)
  • if its real i hope for two things, that it comes with all the dlc and would be awesome to be able to transfer the save from 360 to xone
  • Really hope this is real!
  • Was more hopeful for TES VI but this could be good for those who don't play on PC, PS3, or 360 let alone help fund the next TES game.
  • Really on the fence about this one. For every reason to, I have a reason not to. I love Skyrim, but I still have it on 360 & have probably over 200 hours invested in my character and I haven't even started the DLC yet! However, the 360 version has lots of hiccups (many, many hard freezes) and I don't play my 360 that much anymore, trying to keep up with my current gen backlog. I also have ESO, which scratches that Elder Scrolls itch, BUT not in the way in the Skyrim does. It's also getting completely out of control with the patches, cause it's taking up 70+ gbs of my ps4, which is a lot. So I'm thinking of giving up on ESO and sticking with Skyrim.
  • Nice, will love to play it again, just make sure the daedric artifacts aren't bugged anymore. One of the few platinums I got on PS3. Skyrim, Batman, Bioshock, System Shock, I wonder what remaster's next.
  • They should make a remaster bundle of morrowind, oblivion and skyrim!
  • @Hdresden - I broke down and got ESO for that reason, and I agree it's ES like but not exactly. Wish the achievements were more generous for sure! I will be more than happy to go back to Skyrim again.
  • Ill buy this why? To give them more money to work on TES VI :D
  • @15 - I have tried Morrowind on PC, that would REALLY benefit from a modern remaster - I'd throw money at the screen for that one.
  • @7 The leak already said it would have mod support... Of course that's just a "rumor" at this point buuuut...
  • I'd consider this if mod supported but probably only after it goes on sale. would prefer a Morrowind remake.
  • I have never played Skyrim before... am I in for a treat?
  • Sold. I'll gladly play this again. I'm still playing with the character I started 5 years ago. I was hoping for this remake.
  • Skyrim is one of the games I want backwards compatible so I'll take a remastered versions. Also I doubt that would be the price
  • Hope you can carry over your save from the 360 version, as I do not feel like playing the entire game all over again. I already put hundreds of hours into the game, and i'm done with it.
  • So stupid. The 10th anniversary for Oblivion just passed. It would make a lot more sense to completely remaster that. That game was a million times better than Skyrim.
  • I never got to finish Skyrim, and have been waiting patiently for it to go back compat (my 360 bit the dust,) but I would welcome this just as much.
  • With the success of "Fallout 4", I really hope this game gets some well deserved MODS from the community.
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