Okami 2 & Bayonetta 3 Not Ruled Out, Kamiya 'Has Ideas'

Okami 2 & Bayonetta 3 Not Ruled Out, Kamiya 'Has Ideas'

Dom Peppiatt

In an interview with British newspaper Metro, PlatinumGames head and co-founder Hideki Kamiya has stated that Bayonetta 3 isn't totally ruled out and that he 'has ideas for Okami 2, as well'.

"Of course I want to make Bayonetta 3," he said, with typical Kamiya sass, "why should it end at 2?" The developer also stated that he'd note some player's preferences for Bayo's hair in the original game over the sequel 'when we start doing 3... if we start doing 3'.

Don't get too excited, though; Kamiya hasn't approached any developers about the plans yet. Which means they're not even in development. At least someone managed to get this infromation without getting blocked IRL, though.

Kamiya and Platinum are currently working on Scalebound for the Xbox One, and we expect no movement on other titles until the exclusive is wrapped up.

That said, Kamiya has stated "we've got other Scalebounds in our heads, too"... so stay tuned for more information on that.

  • Bayonetta 3 will be continue Nintendo's exclusive because Nintendo funds the Franchise. For Okami 2 well I don't believe it's going be on Xbox One as I believe if they making Okami 2 and possibly going be on PS4 and NX because past Okami had been on Sony and Nintendo platforms. Also as Xbox One is my opinion is not right platform for Okami due to most Xbox players doesn't play game like this type of game's Okami. But will be surprise if Okami ever on Xbox One one day. We will see. :) :)
  • ScaleBound and lets not forget Nier Automata
  • bayonetta 2 coming over first would be good. If it happened with zombi don't see why not.
  • @1 " Also as Xbox One is my opinion is not right platform for Okami due to most Xbox players doesn't play game like this type of game's Okami." What a nonsense.. :S
  • @1: By that logic, Bayonetta would never have appeared on 360, nor would Metal Gear Rising. Okami 2, if made by Platinum, would likely be multiplatform to reach ALL Okami fans. While we are on the topic of Platinum sequels: MGR 2 please!
  • I hope see Okami 2 as Xbox One's Exclusive. I don't want buy a PS4 or other console to only play this game.
  • Wouldn't it be Okami 3? Okami-Den came out on the DS years ago and it's well worth picking up if you're an Okami fan.
  • @6 That would never happen. It would be multiplat. Every platform will see that. That would include Xbox One, PS4, and NX. I would love to see all of these supposed titles come. Bayonetta wouldn't be Bayonetta 3 though due to Bayo 2 being exclusive to Nintendo. I just want another Viewtiful Joe game.
  • If they do another Bayonetta game, hopefully PG finds an publisher that will make it multi-plat.
  • I would love a new Onimusha Game :( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onimusha
  • Bayonetta 3 and Vanquish 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Multiplatform is perfectly fine. And when you do B3, her hair better be 3 feet long again! None of that short teeny bopper porn shit!
  • How old is this article? ""Of course I want to make Bayonetta 3,". It was announced @ this year's E3, in July, that Bayonetta 3 was in development, as a Switch exclusive, along with that a Bayonetts 1 & 2 Bundle would also be coming to the Switch in Feb 2018. Bayonetta 3 will be published by Nintendo, just like 2, thus locking it to the Nintendo Brand.
  • Actually not AT E3, as Nintnedo has their own event, during the same time.
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