Fallout: New Vegas Among the Latest Batch of Backward Compatible Games For Xbox One

Richard Walker

Having kept quiet regarding new backward compatible Xbox 360 games during E3 2016, Microsoft has just dumped a whole bunch of them on to your console today, boosting the library of available BC titles you can now play on Xbox One.

Among the latest batch is Fallout: New Vegas, and presumably all of its accompanying DLC, as well as Twisted Pixel's Comic Jumper, Ubisoft's post-apocalyptic adventure I Am Alive, and Hello Games' stunt-tastic Joe Danger Special Edition.

There's more where that cam from though. Take a look at all of the latest backward compatible Xbox 360 games now playable on Xbox One, complete with Xbox Store links, right here:

There are hundreds of Xbox 360 games currently playable on Xbox One, and you can consult the constantly updated list of every last one right here.

  • I've been praying for New Vegas Now I can finish up the dlc before I start tackling Fallout 4's content
  • Good list of games. I wish they would discount them though. I want to play D&D and Blood Knights, but I'm not gonna pay $15 for such old arcade games.
  • These are the games I want to be BC Dead Space 2 Kane and Lynch Dead men Fear 2 Duke Nukem Forever The Darkness Bioshock 1 & 2 Mafia 2 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion all Saints Row games Quake 4
  • @3: DS1 is already bc, so we might be seeing DS2 soon. And I 100% agree on Oblivion. I would love to play the Shivering Isles again.
  • Yes. Players who get into the fallout series for the role playing will like new vegas the most out of the 3 on consoles. The original 2 on PC are great too.
  • @3 how obvious can be you want to stack them lol.
  • Yes new Vegas baby, now for Skyrim, Fable Anniversary, ME 2 & 3, Rage, Fuel, L.A noire, and maybe halo 4 as well.
  • Been waiting for new vegas
  • @7 Probably wont be seeing Skyrim on the bc list, considering the $60 "remaster" coming out in October
  • So will my Ultimate Edition disc install the DLC on the one. Or would I have to rebuy them?
  • I don't think we'll ever see Mass Effect 2 and 3 :(
  • @10, my UE is installing the content now. I'll have to see if it's playable using the main disc
  • @10: Yes, those discs work on Xbox One. But it will never launch anything, the console will procede to download all DLCs from the store. That's what it did for me with Saints Row 4 National Treasure Edition.
  • I absolutely loved comic jumper! May have to give that another playthrough just for fun. Also maybe I'll finally beat I am alive
  • Now I just need Bioshock: Infinite & Red Dead Redemption, and my collection is complete.
  • @11 why not? EA seems to be quite onboard with the whole BC stuff, as MS does the work and they can increase the value of EA access by putting these games on there too.
  • wow new vegas what a nice surprise! also i hope they'll add some splinter cell to backward comp
  • Fallout new vegas Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • DLC doesn't seem to be available for NV.
  • @10, the DLC installed, but you have to play from Disc 2 to access it, just like with Fallout 3.
  • I bought it all digitally and it's not there for me. Will try again.
  • @21, check your game hub, it may not have downloaded automatically?
  • All I want is singularity
  • #3 I have a theory about TES:IV. I think Bethesda will announce it to be BC when Skyrim remastered comes out and much like Fallout 4 it'll be included with your orchard. That's what I hope at least. I need some of that classic Cyrodil music in my life.
  • *purchase. Don't use phones to make a point boys and girls
  • Awesome. Comic Jumper. Now all I'm waiting for now is the Ghostbuster game ( not Sanctum of Slime) & fingers crossed for Kingdom of Amalur.
  • @26 That ghostbusters game was so fun but those damn glitched achievements got me.
  • @22 I will try again. Spent five minutes earlier. I know my last save was in Lonesome Road and it failed and I didn't see anything in my manage area.
  • No success. Alas.
  • @3 Duke Pukem Forever (that's not a typo) sucks big, hairy elephant balls! That game will be made BC right after "My Horse and Me 2." In other words... don't hold your breath! I'd pay the publisher/developer (if you can lockdown who THAT really is) to NOT make DNF backwards compatible, so as not to soil anymore Xbox consoles!
  • Crap... With today being the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, you'd figure there'd be at least a game or two on the XBL Arcade, eh? ;)
  • wont let me purchase new vegas for some reason
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