In ReCore Fans of Metroid and Mega Man Will Feel Right at Home - Video Interview

In ReCore "Fans of Metroid and Mega Man Will Feel Right at Home" - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Announced during E3 last year, things went strangely quiet in the ReCore camp. But now Microsoft's action adventure is back, firmly on the radar and winging its way to Xbox One and Windows 10 as the first Play Anywhere title.

Coming from Armature Studio, the folks behind Metroid Prime and Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, ReCore has one hell of a pedigree. And when you chuck former Bungie figurehead Joseph Staten into the mix as writer, a man who helped shape both Halo and Destiny, ReCore has an incredible weight of creative talent behind it.

During E3 last month, we had the chance to chat with Staten about ReCore and its colour-coded shooter gameplay, and how the influence of Metroid Prime and Mega Man has informed Armature's intriguing and exciting new project.

Check out our interview with Joseph Staten below, and for more on ReCore, be sure to give our preview a read here. ReCore is out on 13th September for Xbox One and Windows 10.

  • I cant wait for September 13th. I am preloaded and ready to go on release day
  • Keeping my fingers crossed. Always been a PSer until this gen when I bought an X1 (to complement my future PS4-purchase), and while I'm having a fucking blast playing through the old Halos and GoWs, this gen's topnotch exclusives are so far heavily balanced in favor of PS. I prefer both companies being on equal ground.
  • Well said, downvoters. You summarized yourselves with a click of a button, which all in all is quite impressive, albeit not particularly self-complimenting.
  • #3 You're getting downvoted because of your delusional statement that PS has been beating MS in exclusives his gen, when its actually been the complete and total diametric opposite since launch day.
  • @3,@4 I think its been even on the exclusives...we've had some really good ones, so has PS. They get more content for AAA titels 9 times out of 10, but thats the only thing they really have over Xbox OT: Re-Core is def a day one buy for me. I'm really excited to see what they're doing with the concept. Has a portal feel to it, and I'm loving that. I really love the art style as well. That shaded cel style pops for me.
  • "Fans of Metroid [..] Will Feel Right at Home" "[..] the folks behind Metroid Prime [..]" Why do people keep treating that piece of shit of prime like it's a Metroid game? I wouldn't surprise me coming from younger gamers, the Call of Duty generation. But this comes from older gamers as well. WTF??!! Doesn't people realize, prime IS NOT a Metroid game? *sigh* These idiots prime gamers will end up ruinning Metroid for true Metroid fans just like idiot BioHazard 4 gamers ruined BioHazard for true BioHazard fans. The road future gaming is taking is sad.
  • #4 - So much anger thinly veiled in compensatory narcissism. #5 - Maybe I'm missing/disregarding some, but I don't see it. But I'm heavily into indie-titles as well (and a lot of them are PS4-exes). Hell, Ori was a major reason why I even bought an X1. #6 - Might wanna exchange "true" for "classic" or its like. RE4 was an evolution of the genre. As much as I nostalgically prefer the first three over the fourth, I had a hard time playing the remasters because they showed their age.
  • Other than the obvious transition from 2D to 3D and a little bit of voice acting for npcs... And forgetting the existence of other m, what's the difference between original metroid and metroid prime? I enjoyed them all to be honest, and felt they did a decent job taking it to the third dimension. Granted, prime feels less of a platformer and more of a shooter, but that's kind of mostly expected from the dimensional shift from a series that originally had plenty of things to shoot. I'll be quite happy with ReCore having the back and forth exploration as more upgrades are found and new abilities gained to make use out of whilst having a nice variety of enemies with different attack patterns, weaknesses and resistances to deal with as I go along as a story slowly unfolds... Sounds a lot like original metroid and metroid prime either way summed up so plainly...
  • @6 What the fuck are you talking about? Metroid Prime came WAY before the modern popularity of Call of Duty and was in no way shaped by "the Call of Duty generation." Just because its a first person view doesn't mean it plays anything like the shallow linear reflex style shooter like Call of Duty. All three Metroid Primes are solid and very much everything Metroid has always been about. Story and exploration driven games with plenty of hidden secrets and backtracking with upgrades that helped cement the "Metroidvania" style gameplay. As for Resident Evil 4 not only was it a much needed progression forward for the franchise but it is often considered one of the greatest video games of all time. It wasn't until RE5 released and even more so with RE6 that people started to go back and lump RE4 in with the more "action" oriented Resident Evil games. The fact that you would even make those kinds of accusations against those games in particular shows your age, or at the very least your mindset on the current state of gaming. I love when people try to tell other people that they're not "true" gamers or "true" fans for liking something. Ive been gaming since the late 80s/early 90s and Ive loved all the Metroid games from NES to Super to Prime and all the Resident Evils from 1 through 3 to 4 and yes even 5 and 6 because I'm a "true" gamer and I just love GAMES.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Can't wait for this game, love the girl's voice, and the game overall looks super cute. You people all sorts of suck though. Comment 1: about the game. useful Comment 2&3: about X1 vs PS4. dumbshit Comment 4: bickering about 2&3. worthless Comment 5: talks about the game and continues with 2-4. useful Comment 6-9: same as 4. completely fucking worthless The comments section of this site is going to shit and it's the fault of all you shitheads. Focus on the game. not other shit that has little to nothing to do with anything at hand. I mean for fucks sake, you can't even mention how the game looks graphically or anything, I mean the page opens with a picture, you could at least point out that it's pretty, maybe not super realistic or anything which is what many main stream games are going for but still pretty as it's using good color scheme kind of making it feel like borderlands color but grittier. You could even mention the concept of fighting with a pet, people use to go ballistic over how cool that was in older games. I mean having a pet dog/wolf in other games that would fight with/for you people loved that. And now that's like a major premise of this game and it means nothing for some reason. It's not like animal partners have become common or anything. Yet there's no love for cute robomutt. There's even the ammo situation that we could talk about, which is interesting to me at least, I'm sure there a bunch of games with this similar style feature where you match colors to defeat enemies but I'm not really familiar with it, so this seems like an interesting concept. This conversation you people are having at large is another console debate, notice the word another, because it happens at least once a week because you people are mentally challenged to a degree I pity you. Pull your head out of your ass realize the systems are different and have different pros and cons, that you like your chosen system more so it's top for you. Just pull your head out of your ass and move on. By the nine you people are dumb as a goddamn cucumber.
  • @6 yeah Call of Duty was thriving on the Gamecube when Metroid Prime came out.
  • Wasn't Mighty No. 9 supposed to make Mega Man fans feel right at home?
  • @11 Says one line about the game then 4 paragraphs about how the comments section is "going to shit" and everyone who leaves a comment not relating to the article is a "shithead."
  • Not falling for Inafune's budget title BS anymore... The guy is delusional and needs to retire already. That's why Capcom "fired" him.
  • I came for Recore comments. This game first peaked my interest when I heard the characters name. My youngest daughter and future gamer is named Joule as well. Gameplay looks interesting enough and could be fun. I'll check it out for sure.
  • #13 maybe if your home had been levelled by an earthquake
  • @14, I said 1 line for this, 8 lines against them (many of those lines were pointing them out), then the following 3 paragraphs (out of 4) were about the game as topics they could have talked about and my own thoughts on those topics. First paragraph was about how the game looked. Second paragraph was about the concept of fighting along side a 'pet'. Third Paragraph was about the uniqueness of the fighting style (with the different colored ammo). Then finished with a paragraph about why they needed to stop the console war bullshit. Read things fully before you comment.
  • Comment 11: treats others like a douche whilst complaining about their posts - WORTHLESS (the complaints and douchebag attitude towards others that is, the rest is okay.) Comment 18: defending against critism to their previous post - WORTHLESS I see this behavior as often as console wars and trolls... and you want others to get their heads out their arses? You put yourself in the wrong. End of. Time to move on. Comment 8: Asks a genuine question to see why people think, of a series, the newer games aren't like the old, opening up opinion to which is better, which, assuming a productive argument can be made, opens up a reason for certain fans across the spectrum (fans of the old, fans of the old and new, fans of the new and fans of Metroid Other M...) to take the 'fans of Metroid will feel right at home' line with a grain of salt or not. Also expresses interest in this game thanks in part of some people who worked on another game/series which this game is being suggested to have similarities to. - And you call this WORTHLESS!? XD
  • #11,18 & 19 and all other comments not commenting about the game. TRASH
  • That includes you then #20....
  • Just thought I should add a correction: Keiji Inafune is not the creator of Mega Man.
  • BIKE!
  • I had no interest in this game until now.
  • @2 I'm with you, I've had loads more fun with the PS exclusives for this gen (Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank and EDF 4.1). The only Xbox exclusives I've liked so far are Halo 5, Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct, none of which are perticually good enough for me to be arsed to turn my Xbox One on. But yeah there's not been many good ones for either system. Anyway, on the topic of ReCore, I think it looks a bit wank... Fair enough if you like it, but it's not my sort of thing.
  • #11 - Might wanna gain some self-insight. It'd make you look like less of a complete hypocrite. And that's excluding the fact that my first comment was on point and pro BOTH consoles; the fault lies with your and others' interpretation [illiteracy].
  • i love lamp
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