Outcast Second Contact Revealed For Consoles Launches March 2017

Outcast: Second Contact Revealed For Consoles, Launches March 2017

Dom Peppiatt

The Outcast remake has a confirmed release window publisher Bigben Interactive reveals ahead of Gamescom showing.

The remake is being developed by the original developer, too: Appeal has stated that it'll introduce cutting edge graphics and reworked controls for optimum immersion.

This is an expanded version (in full HD!) of the 1999 adventure game, which in many ways pioneered the open world genre of gaming. You can check out our gallery here.

Bigben Interactive has stated:

"Outcast takes place in the near future when Humanity has just discovered the existence of a parallel world, Adelpha. The American government, which was behind the discovery, sends a probe there to investigate. The experiment is a success but a native of Adelpha, a Talan, attacks the probe and causes a distortion of space-time that threatens to destroy the Earth.

"You are Cutter Slade, a former Special Forces operative, assigned to escort a group of scientists sent to locate and repair the probe. Nothing goes as planned, however, and you find yourself embarked on an adventure on an unknown planet, with the future of two worlds in your hands."

The game will release in March 2017 for consoles and PC - more information will be revealed at Gamescom.



  • For some reason, i thought this was outlast. Ooops.
  • Enjoyed the original back in the day so looking forward to this one. The original had a unique graphics enginegoing completely their own way by having decent looking 3d graphics without using the dedicated 3d cards that were around then so interseted to see what the devs can do this time round
  • In never thought I'd see the day that we get another outcast game. Day 1 for me absolutely loved the original, as #2 said the original looked so unique back in 1999, it will be very interesting to see how this looks.
  • Looks and feels I should add because those early screens look good.
  • @1 Thank you for that comment. I was wholly confused about why outlast 2 looked so different from the first one....
  • Cutter Slade sounds like a cheesy 80's action hero. I love it already. As for the game, I never heard of, let alone played the original. I'll be keeping a close eye on this, sounds just like something I would be interested in.
  • I still remember the cool beginning with that awesome voxel snow. That game really was something special
  • @1 I read it as outlast as well. Especially with "second contact".
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