Is An Assassins Creed Ezio Collection Coming To Xbox One & PS4

Is An Assassin's Creed: Ezio Collection Coming To Xbox One & PS4?

Dom Peppiatt

NeoGAF user catmario has unearthed some listings on a Korean Ratings board for a title called 'Assassin's Creed: Ezio Collection'.

The ratings seem to suggest the game could be coming to both PS4 and Xbox One, but don't list any sort of content that might be included in the collection.

That said, however, it's pretty likely that the collection will feature Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed: Revelations - since Ezio Auditore was the main character of all three of those titles.


  • Considering those are probably my 3 favorite AC games, that's not a terrible bundle. On the other hand... I know they'll try and sucker $40-$60 out of me, so I'll wait for a $10 sale :)
  • @1: While I'm as skeptical of remake pricing as anyone, $60 for three full games is a good price. It's really only Activision that has gone off the rails asking $40 for individual games.
  • i'd jump on this in a heartbeart 3 of my favourite games be good to play them again on the xb1
  • Hopefully they'll be like the BioShock Collection and remove that god awful multiplayer for Brotherhood and Revelations.
  • Also hopefully they're a remaster and not just a port.
  • I would totally buy this if it were legit.....I'm a fanboy of the Assassin's Creed series and would love to see some of the more fun games come to current gen. I loved ACII
  • I hope to also see a Sam Fisher collection soon, it sucks how there still aren't any splinter cell on xbox one yet.
  • @2 $60 for three really old games is not a great deal in any way & laughable to try & suggest otherwise.
  • Ubi, you really oughta stick to your guns and not put out any Assassin's Creed this year.
  • @9 If I'm remembering correctly they said any new games, so this isn't really breaking that promise.
  • #4 i agree. I too hope they remove multiplayer from both games I also hope they change the achievements for 100% memory I'm struggling with some of the challenges in brotherhood or they could make it like current assassin games by allowing us to quit & save after we do the challenges instead of making us to do the whole missions
  • I could see this quietly coming out this year since there is no large AC release. I've been wondering what's been taking them so long on an AC remaster :p
  • @#10 - I know what they said, I'm giving them better advice.
  • Of course it is! Everyone knows it, just a matter of when. Probably in December too.
  • With all the flag/feather/eagle point collecting I just don't think I could bring myself to replay any game out of this series, once was enough.
  • I thought the multiplayer in ass Creed was well thought out and a welcome addition.not that everyone played like it was meant to be but you can't fault the devs for that. I think It's pretty selfish to want them to omit more content because you don't want to to spend time earning achievements which is the only reason anyone on this site would get these re-releases.
  • I would be interested in the Assassin's creed that was old gen only and came out the same time as Unity. Can't think of the name but it got great reviews and so many didn't play it. That would interest me more than this collection honestly as it'd be something new for most.
  • Splinter Cell Trilogy Remaster
  • @13 Oh my! Sassy.
  • I wonder what remasters we will get next week... Seriously though, this is getting stupid.
  • @17: You mean Assassin's Creed Rogue?
  • @16 Only AC multiplayer I played was from 3, and I thought it was cool! Very unique.
  • @4 brotherhood multiplayer was amazing, the only people who complain about brotherhood multiplayer and say it was awful are those who were bad at it and complained all day long in the forums and to Ubisoft. Then Ubisoft changed it in revelations and that is when the AC multiplayer became terrible
  • No new AC game this year; here's three old ones instead.
  • All fantastic games, but been there done that. New content, please.
  • Actually... they don't need to "remove" the multiplayer... JUST the achievements for it (anyone remember the MP for "CoD: Modern Warfare 2" - NO ACHIVEMENTS)! It was great - I didn't play even one second of it (loved the campaign and spec ops, though)!!!.
  • Oh... (on topic) I'm TOTALLY down for an Ezio Trilogy on Xbox One (minus multiplayer achievements). I had a couple of difficult areas for 100% sync, but I managed it. I wouldn't change the requirements for that at all! They should also remaster the first "Assassin's Creed" game for Xbox One. I loved that game! I completed all the achievements in one play through in one week. I even played it all the way through a second time a few years later, so I'm definitely up to play it again (and they should do new high-res scans of Kristen Bell, so "Lucy" looks just like her - not important, but it'd be cool)!
  • A chance to replay AC2 at a higher fidelity and earning Achievements again? I'd buy the shit out of that. Brotherhood and Revelations would be bonuses.
  • First day buy for me
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