Mafia 3 Lets You Build Your Own Mafia Crime Family - Video Interview

"Mafia 3 Lets You Build Your Own Mafia Crime Family" - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Mafia 3 is just over a month away, so having recently seen the game again during Gamescom (preview coming soon), we thought it high time we share a chat we had with Hangar 13 Design Director Matthias Worch at E3 2016.

Telling the story of Lincoln Clay and his quest to exact bloody revenge upon the Italian mob who wronged him, Mafia 3 is shaping up to be an unflinchingly violent yarn in which you dismantle Mafia don Sal Marcano's criminal operation one piece at a time.

As Worch tells us, however, Mafia 3 is also a proper open-world game, "pretty much limitless" in terms of its scope and variety of activities you can carry out during your time in New Bordeaux. Hell, you can build your own crime family!

Find out more in our interview with Matthias Worch below. Mafia 3 is out on 7th October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • Every day there is a Mafia 3 article. Could it be that 2K helps pay bills around here. How about the site uses that money to pay these guys that work for free. And you guys know who you are.
  • You know you could already do that in The Godfather II, right?
  • @2 Yeah but Godfather 2 was a piece of shit game, especially compared to the first one. @1 A videogame news website reporting on videogame news? How crazy!
  • I gotta disagree there, personally I enjoyed the second game a lot more than the fist one.
  • I'm so excited for this game. Sadly if it wasn't for Mafia 2 being free a while ago, I may have never played it
  • Cannot wait for this game!
  • First part brings back the time of my childhood. Second was OK, but I have verry high hopes about the third one!
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