In Steep You Can Really Fly - Video Interview

In Steep "You Can Really Fly" - Video Interview

Richard Walker

You can see it in this screenshot. In Steep, you can really fly, but it goes far beyond being strapped into skis or to a snowboard. You can be tearing down a mountain and switch to a wingsuit or paraglider, enabling you to traverse the game's Alpine slopes in whatever way you like.

With this kind of game somewhat unfashionable in recent years, however, we thought we'd have a chat with developer Ubisoft Annecy and find out why the studio decided that now was the time to resurrect the genre with Steep's ambitious, snowy open-world packed with challenges and multiplayer events.

Steep is hoping to be all things to all powder-loving adrenaline junkies, with its bone-crunching bails and (optional) Go Pro camera viewpoint making for a visceral ride down the mountainside. Find out more in our chat with Creative Director Igor Manceau then read our hands-on preview here. Steep will be going downhill from 2nd December.

  • There is a 90% chance I get this day one. So far, the only thing that worries me, is the framerate. In the video I didn't get a good sense of speed. The wing suit part seemed like it was moving at 25-30 fps. To me, it would make for better immersion if the scenery was whizzing by faster. Hopefully, it turns out ace because I NEED a good snowboard* game. "Steep will be going downhill from 2nd December.." Rich, not in a literal sense I hope :p Off topic but I hope SSX isn't dead within EA. SSX on frostbite would be so nice.
  • Kind of agree with 1, ok snowboarding/skiing etc in real life generally isn't anywhere near as crazy fast as some of the past ssx/cool boarders etc games but this just looks a bit slow. Watch a POV gopro video of someone hurling themself off a mountainside with a wingsuit on and you can sense the speed/danger. This just looks a bit tame from the 3rd person viewpoint. If you can do 1st person on everything maybe it will be better.
  • Controls don't seem spot-on like in SSX3 but I can't wait to try out the wingsuit.
  • The graphics look a bit bland to be honest. More 360 than new gen.
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