In Destiny Rise of Iron Youre Going to Learn a Lot About Gjallahorns Origins - Video Interview

In Destiny: Rise of Iron "You're Going to Learn a Lot About Gjallahorn's Origins" - Video Interview

Richard Walker

The wait for Destiny's biggest expansion yet is almost over, as Rise of Iron will be with us later this month. And having played through a chunk of the DLC, we caught up with Bungie Executive Producer Scott Taylor to get the lowdown on what we can expect from the forthcoming content.

Not only will Saladin be at the heart of your new adventures, but there'll be a brand new Raid to tackle too, as well as loads of additions to The Crucible multiplayer, Destiny's social spaces and more. There'll even be a quest to reforge Destiny's notorious Gjallarhorn, in which you'll discover the origins of one of the most elusive weapons in the game.

A new light level, new weapons, gear and so much more, we get the skinny on Destiny: Rise of Iron from Taylor, including some insights into the new Raid, new achievements, engrams, the addition of Private Matches and so much more. Check out the interview below!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out on 20th September.

  • Stoked
  • Am I the only one who can't find how to preorder this through the marketplace?
  • #2 click the the edition and its will show in its contents rise of iron. Click it their to pre order
  • Go to the marketplace, search for Destiny and look for Rise of Iron - Pre-Order. If you just select Rise of Iron, it'll say 'only available in bundle'.
  • Do we have to read the grimoire to find out this information nobody wanted? Who cares where it comes from, as long as we can nuke the raid boss in 2 shots with it. :p
  • Biggest expansion? Didn't they say it's not as big as TTK?
  • 8 I think they said between HoW and TTK size. I know it's not going to be as big but I hope the raid is as substantial as VoG or KF.
  • It's 5 story missions, 1 new strike and a few revamped, 1 raid, some side quests including a new public event thingy like court of oryx, and some artifacts you have to work towards that cycle each week.
  • Wait, there's a storyline to this game now?
  • @10: Taken King really turned the game around. They've continually improved every aspect of the game since launch. :)
  • hope you're right, Pants. I just got a copy of TTK for $4 from Toys R Us a month back (used a leftover $15 gift card when it was on sale for $19.99), and I'm planning on going all-in with Rise Of Iron. I keep hearing that the storyline has been improved and its much more fun than the Year 1 debacle. Guess there's only one way to find out!
  • @9 that little of content doesnt seem justifiable for $40, i think, may be 30. But kinda outrageous IMO
  • @13 it is $30
  • yusssss pants is back to, "the game is fun now, it's really much better" now all I'm waiting for is, "i like the grind" hahahaha but I thought there wasn't a grind anymore?????????? There are so many better games out there Destiny players!!! Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.
  • @15 like?
  • @15: And you're back to comment on my comments... If you don't like Destiny, good for you. Go play whatever you want to play, and I'll play what I want to play. P.S. There's always been a grind and always will be, it's one thing I really like about the game! ;)
  • I haven't played since I think October (because of janky raid loot/lack thereof) but I preordered this and I'm eagerly anticipating sliding back into the grind. SuperWoody64 if anyone wants to play. (I'm almost strictly pve)
  • spoiler: Gjallahorn will be made from the spirit/essence of a legendary Guardian...or some hokey shit like that
  • sorry but the story-telling was corny as hell. I hope they go less "Steven Spielberg" and more "Ridley Scott" for the second game
  • The Ghorn is made of fallen guardians armor its in the lore
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