Battlefield 4's DLC Is Currently Free On Xbox One & Xbox 360

Battlefield 4's DLC Is Currently Free On Xbox One & Xbox 360

Dom Peppiatt

In case you missed it buried in our Deals With Gold post yesterday, we thought we'd let you know separately: Battlefield 4's DLC is currently on offer for absolutely free.

The DLC has been on offer before, but if you've not picked it up, you may as well do so now - you have literally nothing to lose. It makes sense that EA is pushing as much Battlefield content onto player's consoles as possible, considering the new unified UI the publisher is testing out across the whole Battlefield range - the more people that have all the Battlefield content, the better this experimental cross-game UI is going to be.

We assume this is all part of the 'Road to Battlefield 1' initiative the company has set up, but as long as we get free stuff, we're happy!

  • Excellent news for people who may of missed one or two of the DLC's when they were free previously. Would be even better if they do the same thing with the Hardline DLC before the Battlefield 1 release.
  • So I download all the dlc and the main game seems to have been downloaded too? I didn't have enough money on my account and don't have any credit card linked to my account. It also didn't show up in my purchase history? Does anyone have an idea what happened?
  • I hopped on BF4 for the first time after years. I've been enjoying all the DLC maps and game modes, especially CQC. It's fun even by myself, but always better in a squad w friends. Anyone playing this still? Add me.
  • I'm still playing this so much fun with more people :) add me
  • Might be a stupid question, but, is this from ea or is it a deals with gold deal?
  • [email protected] > deal with gold with approval from EA probably...
  • [email protected] > did you have to pay anything? if not, you got a free game!...
  • [email protected] > it is also free when you are member of EA access...
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