For Us to Abandon the Legacy in Gears of War 4 Would Have Been Cruel Says The Coalitions Creative Director - Video Interview

"For Us to Abandon the Legacy in Gears of War 4 Would Have Been Cruel" Says The Coalition's Creative Director - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Later this week, Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition buyers will be getting their paws on the first fully-fledged Gears titles on Xbox One, and the first that newly appointed developer The Coalition will be creating on their own. It's akin to 343 Industries taking over from Bungie on the Halo series.

Much as you'd expect, it's a daunting task for the studio, but its one that The Coalition is well-prepared to meet with Gears of War 4 calling back upon the legacy of the previous Gears games, taking players to a Sera on the mend, 25 years on from the end of the Locust War.

Obviously, things have gone to hell again as mankind faces a new threat in the Swarm, while our heroes must also contend with the COG-built DB Army. There's a lot going on in Gears of War 4 then, so we chatted with Creative Director Chuck Osieja to get some answers.

Gears of War 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on 11th October.

  • "cut their wedding cake with a Lancer" I can't decide if that's the best or worst wedding reception ever.
  • @1 Best for someone who's a big gears fan, worst for those that aren't, lol.
  • But they sure abandoned Judgment quick with Sybarite tho...
  • @1 I want to do that should my wife and I renew our vows in a few years. You hear me, Microsoft? Give me a full-scale Lancer and I'll for real cut a wedding cake with it!
  • @7:45 so we get to shoot scrotums from the ceiling and use them for cover? Sweet.
  • This game isn't gears at all, just cod with a gears skin. Classes: heavy, sniper etc (I hate this so much), gear packs aka microtransactions for pay to win or just plain milk us, stupid amount of G related to online play, the cards are blatantly drops to mimic the double xp or rare killstreak mid-game drop not to mention the new horde is awful gears 3 had the best horde also season passes need to die off. Gears was done with 3, stop giving it to anybody to farm out and ruin further, these developers have clearly followed the judgement line of play with extra helpings of cod...
  • @6 thanks for telling me everything I needed to know to avoid this game entirely.
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