Titanfall 2's Titans Are "Like Street Fighter Characters," Says Producer Drew McCoy - Video Interview

Titanfall 2's Titans Are "Like Street Fighter Characters," Says Producer Drew McCoy - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Respawn Entertainment is making an extra effort to make Titanfall 2's array of Titan mechs individual, going beyond the simple light, medium and heavy archetypes present in the first game. Instead, each of the game's robots have their own unique abilities and attributes.

And with several brand new Titans in the game, including the likes fire-based Titan Scorch, sword-wielding Ronin, minigun-packing juggernaut Legion, or Northstar, a Titan focused on flight and precision. There are even more too, and did you know that Ion is a she?

The analogy that Producer Drew McCoy uses is that of Street Fighter characters, with each Titan boasting their own strengths and weaknesses, and naturally, each Pilot will probably come to have their favourite in Titanfall 2's multiplayer modes. Watch out interview to find out more!

Titanfall 2 is out on 28th October, and you can watch our previous interview focused on the game's single-player campaign here.

  • "...Oh and PC" is this guy for real?
  • @ #1 What?
  • They're just making shit up now.
  • This game has lost everything that was appealing about the first game.
  • @2 Watch till the end where he announces the platforms on which TF2 will release.
  • @4 And I strongly disagree.
  • Like Street Fighter characters? Lol, good one.. Still not buying.
  • Can't please everybody. Still buying this day 1. I'll just have to balance my time between this and skyrim
  • And this is how you ruin a franchise before it can even become something. I was hoping TF2 would take me into the new year but this game lost its identity and is trying to become something that I am not looking forward to. Very unfortunate. Was hoping for just some tweaks to the winning formula that was TF1, but instead they just pretty much ruined the experience for me.
  • @9 fully agree. I'll still check it out sometime in the future, when it's cheap.
  • @9 Yep. Cancelled my pre order for the collectors edition as soon as I played the beta. This game will be a lousy rental at best.
  • It's funny that everyone's saying they're not going to buy the game and it's "lost all it's charm" when they haven't even explained why. Because there is no reason. Hilarious!
  • I'm totally down to play this game! It looks great and the beta played amazing! So chaotic and fun! It's cool if you guys don't like it. Funny how last go around the lack of a single player campaign was what you all bitched about. Their is no way to please everyone and the vocal minority is the 1st to be heard when it's shitting on something.
  • People: "Great, whatever still not buying". ((ON RELEASE DAY)) People: "I'm here to pick up Titanfall 2 with the season pass!"
  • is this game good? Via XA Android App
  • is this game good? Via XA Android App
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