Rage Killer is Dead and Shred Nebula Join Backward Compatibility on Xbox One

Rage, Killer is Dead, and Shred Nebula Join Backward Compatibility on Xbox One

Alan Pettit

Major Nelson has announced the next batch of games to hit the esteemed Backward Compatibility program. XBLA shmup Shred Nebula, crazy Suda51 action game Killer is Dead, and id Software's highly touted shooter Rage are all available to play on your Xbox One today. Rage is not available digitally, as Microsoft has still not been able to sell digital copies of multi-disc games for some reason, but you can buy the others at the links below.

Those worried about having to switch discs with the physical copy can rest easy though, as multi-disc games will install and play off the first disc without any switching necessary as you play. The other discs are essentially useless.

There are now 274 titles on the BC program. You can view them all here.

  • Oh sweet, I've never played Rage before. I've heard it looks pretty good, probably better on the the Xbox One.
  • Sorry scratch that. I HAVE played Rage before but only the demo.
  • I saw the News for Rage I say YES !!!! Ho Wait ..... it's PC Version not Xbox 360 i got ....................
  • Killer is Dead was something I was eagerly awaiting I'm pretty glad to see it added
  • Happy to see Killer Is Dead, one of the games on my backlog I wanted to play a decently.
  • I'm still hoping for The Simpsons Game. :)
  • Rage was easily one of my most favorite games ever. Glad to see it made b/c if you haven't played it before I highly recommend it.
  • Microsoft is able to sell L.A. Noire and the retail copy is divided among four discs. But they cannot sell other games??
  • @ #8 I surely cannot be their fault as its the vendor's responsibility to make the game fully BC. I have RAGE so I wonder how the loading times will improve? Time to find out.
  • Rage?? How awesome is that. I wonder how good that game could look as a real remaster. It was already unreal on last gen. But digital purchase should really be possible. That's an awesome addition to the BC program anyway.
  • Rage is my favorite game ever made. Everyone remember to get Rage:The Scorchers for only $4.99.
  • @8 Because the developer of LA Noire created a Games on Demand version of the multi-disk-game.
  • @11 yeah it's pretty dope. The AI is awesome and the setting, the races, the finale. Nobody should miss that game.
  • Been looking for a reason to go back to Rage. Just wish they didn't hike the prices of these old 360 games from £5 to £15-20 just because they are backwards compatible. They should sell them at £5 and would probably generate as much revenue from sheer volume surely??
  • Rage, awesome! Time to get that last 250gs I need with the dlc!
  • @8: Yeah I think that's a rare exception because the digital version existed right away alongside the physical copy, and that was R*'s doing. Microsoft is creating these special emulators for the BC games, and it seems like they can't be sold digitally for some reason. They say they're working on it though.
  • Damn Rage was so fun and looked incredible on the 360. One of the BEST looking games that gen. Can't even imagine a remaster or sequal on the One would be EPIC!
  • I have been thinking about playing Rage again for a long time. This is the perfect excuse.
  • Anyone having trouble putting the discs in the Xbox one? Everytime I put a Rage disc in nothing happens and I have to manually eject the disc. Anyone else having this problem?
  • Always wanted to play Killer is dead and Rage
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