In Watch Dogs 2 Youll See The Impact of Aiden Pearces Actions - Video Interview

In Watch Dogs 2 You'll See The Impact of Aiden Pearce's Actions - Video Interview

Richard Walker

The first Watch Dogs might not have been to everyone's tastes, but Ubisoft Montreal is going big for Watch Dogs 2, addressing the complaints and criticisms levelled at the original, with improved driving, more complex hacking mechanics and loads more.

Shifting the action to San Francisco, home of Silicon Valley, Watch Dogs 2 is looking positively ripe with open-world potential, and it also brings about something of a sea change for Ubi's open-world games. No longer will you have to climb towers to unlock the map, as Senior Producer, Dominic Guay tells us.

The world is your oyster in Watch Dogs 2, and with an increased range of hacking tools at your disposal, Ubisoft is looking to deliver a more complete and deeper package. Take a look at our interview below to find out loads more ahead of Watch Dogs 2's launch on 15th November.

  • this comments section just about sums up my excitement for this
  • @1 yeah pretty much, but I'm hoping that they truly listened to us, the fans, and made Watch Dogs 2 into the game that the first one should've been!
  • I actually liked the first one, I liked the characters and the story, I went in knowing all the criticisms and heard about how bad the driving mechanics were and really didn't see the problem. Plus the soundtrack was pretty good too. I'm looking at getting this at Christmas, so will have plenty of time to see gameplay and reviews
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