Bastion is Coming to Xbox One, Free For Limited Time if You Own it on Xbox 360

Bastion is Coming to Xbox One, Free For Limited Time if You Own it on Xbox 360

Richard Walker

Supergiant Games' classic 2011 adventure Bastion will be coming to Xbox One, having sold close to 4 million copies to date. What's more, if you already own the original Xbox 360 version of Bastion, you can get the Xbox One version for free until 1st January 2017.

The developer says that the Xbox One version of Bastion is a "faithful adaptation of the original game", but rebuilt to feel native to the new platform. However, the game now runs at a full 1080p rather than the original 720p resolution, and there are more achievements to unlock.

Bastion on Xbox One also includes the Stranger's Dream DLC, making it the definitive version of the game on Xbox platforms. If you don't own the XBLA version of Bastion, you'll be able to purchase it on Xbox One for $14.99 when it launches on 12th December.

[Via Supergiant Games]

  • Good game to update, and nice that it'll be free for those of us who already own it. Would love to see Transistor join it though.
  • Will really enjoy playing this again. Beautiful game.
  • Since it was said there are more achievements to unlock, it would seem obvious the list is different than the x360 version, so you could stack them. So, I would recommend buying the x360 version, which would allow you to get the XB1 version for free, and you could go for the achievements in both versions for the price of 1.
  • @3 Or he meant more as in since this is a separate list to the 360 version you can unlock them again for more achievements.
  • or could have just made it backwards compatible and hence free for everyone who owned it on 360 forever....
  • lol I was confused by the headline at first. Sounded like this game was coming available via backwards comp for a limited time. Now I know it's just a resell.
  • @3/4: Xbox One versions of games will always have a separate list to their 360 counterparts, so they were just specifying that this will have more than 12 achievements like the first one did. Will be interesting to see what they add. @5: They could still do that, too. Limbo went BC today and has had an X1 version for a while. I don't see how a new version hurts anything. More Gamerscore to earn, more press for the company, more fans who may not own a 360, etc.
  • Oh man, tipped this probably as the article was being bashed out. Still, I'd play this again, it was one of my favourites of 2011, made better by the fact I won a code for it back when they had Facebook competitions during Summer of Arcade. Hopefully this also means the end of their apparent love affair with Sony and we also get Transistor in the future. Maybe even their new, in development game. Please, Supergiant?
  • @8 Hehe Love affair with Sony. Remember Bastion was out for years on Xbox before it went to over to PlayStation. Could you be really upset if Transistor doesn't come for another year or so? Anyway, I'm glad I got I have the 360 version to get the Xbox One definitive version. Not looking forward to facing 27 waves in the Strangers' Dream. Or one of those dreams. LOL Fantastic soundtrack and just an overall phenomenal game.
  • YES! Great game! Just like Limbo... Will gladly play again and for free!
  • @9 "upset" isn't exactly the term I'd use. In fact it's a little condescending. I just commented on Supergiant's apparent favour of Sony's platforms post Bastion, and how it would be nice to see some more of their stuff. No entitlement in there, man.
  • Does that mean after January 1st the game will be taken away? Like they do with the free play days?
  • @13: No, this is different. If you own the 360 version and "buy" the One version (for free) before that date, you'll own it forever. If you miss out on the promotion period, you'll need to buy it for real at its $15 price.
  • @12 You call that condescending?! Okay... Anyway, it's only one game that's on a Sony console that's not on Xbox at the moment. Did Sony more than likely have some time exclusive deal to keep it off of other consoles...probably. The same way Xbox kept Bastion off of PlayStation a few years back. If I offended you, then my apologies. I just thought that was kind of a hypocritical statement seeing as Xbox does/did the same thing. I do hope that Transistor does come to Xbox One. It's a great game with great music.
  • Please come to Australia, unlike the Castle Crashers remaster, free for everyone except Australia :(
  • Welp, looks like its time to fully upgrade my fangs again. I cant wait to get my hands on this game again! One of of my favorite games getting remastered and its free? What a wonderful surprise this is! To be honest, I would have paid $20 or more for this. The soundtrack is top notch as well. Dust needs some remake love as well. Supergiant, THANK YOU!
  • @12 Supergiant titles launched on PlayStation 4 and Vita first this generation because they rely on XNA and MonoGame. Until recently, Xbox One had no MonoGame support, thus Bastion and Transistor couldn't be easily brought to Microsoft's console. Now that MonoGame is out on Xbox One (Axiom Verge is the first title that used it), more PlayStation 4 games that used XNA will follow. See my big MonoGame article/interview at Windows Central for more details.
  • Amazing game !
  • @ #18 Well here's hoping they do. I always thought it was because Sony bribe these developers to make their games exclusive. Didn't know it was a software issue.
  • This is great news, it was a really fun and well made game and I'll be happy to play it again. I just hope that Dust: An Elysian Tail get's this treatment or made BC soon too.
  • Yay free game
  • Never really got into it on 360 but good to see I get a free download. Sure I will play it sometime.
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