RACE Pro Title Update Now Available

Dan Webb

Atari and SimBin have been listening to the RACE Pro community for the past few months gathering feedback for their heavy-on-the-simulation racer. As a result, RACE Pro fans can now download a title update that has more fixes that good old Sir Jimmy Saville himself.

The title update is a free update that will be first prompted when you fire the game up from today and includes the following fixes:

- Fixed bug causing the game to crash when 12 players have joined and left a multiplayer game
- Disallow connections to host if they are not waiting for players.
- Fixed the ”fast forward” / speed bug currently generating some unrealistic race times in leaderboards.
- Fixed problem with lap times being reported to the wrong leaderboard when moving on to the next track in multiplayer.
- Fixed problem of a player joining during session activation causing the client to get stuck in the loading screen.
- Fixed issue when creating a session with downloaded car and inviting a player that doesn’t have the car
- Fixed name of tracks on servers list when players do several sessions in a row
- Fixed incorrect race length value seen in game list screen
- Fixed transparent car that appears after un-pausing in multiplayer qualification
- Fixed the incorrect message that appears when attempting to access multiplayer without a gamer profile signed–in and if selecting Multiplayer with an offline gamer profile
- Set default host option of qualification to NO in multiplayer for players that have never hosted a game in Race Pro before
- New messages: Display some session info in-game so players can recognize where in the game they are
- New messages: Add a specific multiplayer loading tip showing 50% of loading time in player match only.

- Fixed performance drop while driving over curb
- Improved deformation of cars
- Fixed hot seat start position problems
- Removed dangerous driving dialogues when entering loading screen
- Fixed crash when the player tries to enter the end pit driving backwards and wants to restart the race after the losing message
- Fixed some localization bugs
- Locked F3000 car #12 and unlocked the Corvette C5R since there is no contract for it in Career mode
- Fixed validation for replay files to allow replay files saved between year 2000 and 2099
- Fixed sound bug making Doppler effect of other cars sound corrupt in swing cam
- Fixed force feedback detection for wheels and slightly improved strength of force
- Adjusted the Seat Leon Extreme Tryout time
- Fixed sound bug making the rev sounds on some cars not transition smoothly (including Mini Cooper and BMW M3 GTR)
- Fixed sound bug with the force calculation of picking the correct collision sound

  • ...
  • Never heard of it.
  • Always nice to see devs fixing their games
  • uhhhh what
  • I get really frustrated with racing sims when I can't make a perfect lap. Main reason I've been keeping away from this game.
  • what bugs? :o
  • I didn't even know this game existed. If it's anything like Forza 2, I'm not getting it.
  • should get this game
  • #7 Forza 2 is the best racing game out for the 360. basically you are saying if it gives you a car and tells you to drive you are not getting it.
  • even with these ""fixes"" this game needs to be missed its awful, im glad i got rid when i did
  • how about sorting this out before releasing it. I though that was called quality testing.
  • Does the update make the game not suck?
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