Dead Rising 4 Features Exploding Garden Gnomes An Interview With Capcom Vancouver - Video

Dead Rising 4 Features Exploding Garden Gnomes: An Interview With Capcom Vancouver - Video

Richard Walker

What better Christmas present could you ask for than the wall-to-wall madcap zombie slaughter of Dead Rising 4? This December, Capcom Vancouver is preparing to release yet another gleefully manic instalment in the series, with Frank West returning to the infamous Willamette mall for the holidays. And this time it's all about providing as many "smiles-per-hour" as possible.

Of course, this being Frank, it's only a matter of time before the place is overrun with the undead once again, and the wise-cracking photojournalist is back doing what he does best: killing hundreds, nay thousands of zombies with all manner of tools, weaponry and vehicles, all with combo variants. That's before you even consider the new exosuit, pictured above.

We sat down to chat about all of this and loads more with Capcom Vancouver Studio Director Joe Nickolls, and discovered that there are exploding garden gnomes, more twisted 'psycho' characters to take down, combo weapons you can build on the fly, and a far greater emphasis on fun while delivering a deeper story. Check out our Dead Rising 4 interview below to find out more!

Dead Rising 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 on 6th December 2016.

  • As someone who played loved, and has got the achievements in all previous Dead Rising games, am I the only one who gets disappointed the more I hear about this game? It's gone too far with the "zany" element this time, and returning to the Willamette location just reeks of laziness in my opinion.Not to mention the season pass DLC sounds awful - mini golf in the style of Dead Rising 3's "Super Remix" mode? no thanks. Feel free to disagree, but this is the first Dead Rising game I won't be getting, and that's a real shame because I love the series.
  • @1 You definitely aren't alone. They turned Frank West into a meme, and Dead Rising into a joke. It's Saint's Row all over again.
  • Nah, I'm with you #1. DR3 was too grim and serious and now they're overcompensating and basically pulling a Saints Row The Third. Plus they keep talking up "Frank West is back!" but this guy looks and sounds nothing like the Frank West I know and love. Typical Capcom nonsense, if you want to know more you can listen to Jim Sterling ramble a bit because I don't feel like typing: Also there's the BIG problem that looms over everything else: they took out the timer. What's the point now? What makes this different from any other zombie game? The timer made Dead Rising what it was. It was never supposed to be a GTA style sandbox where the world revolves around you. But now they've taken it away and I just don't want to play a Dead Rising game without the franchise's signature mechanic.
  • @1 Totally agree. This isn't DR anymore, it's Saints Row: Zombie Edition. I can't wait for all the oh so funny dildo jokes and innuendos. DR was perfect the way it was, they should give the franchise back to competent devs or just let it die.
  • Saint's Row in its current form is fucking hilarious and awesome. Dead Rising 3 was the shit, and this looks like a continuation of that game. I'm definitely all in.
  • The saddest part of it all is that this game have two possible outcomes: It becomes succesful and mildly popular, overshadowing previous entries and. The series will hardly go back to its roots in this scenario and every new entry will further deviate from its original premise. OR it fails badly and Capcom puts the series on hold indefinetely like it did to many others of its IPs. I'll hold my judgement of the actual quality of the game until i play it, but one doesnt need to play to see that Dead Rising 4 lost a lot of the original soul of the series.
  • I hope they show how Frank lost his stomach and got 10-15 years younger! What was the point in making him age and gain weight in 2 & 3 just to undo it all in this game.
  • @6 I agree, but don't forget if this one fails they'll put it on ice a few years then debut a new trailer with it as a first person perspective game and call it DR5... sound familiar, oh Capcom, you used to be so much better.
  • I agree that this game was just pure laziness for the location it takes place in, plus the look and sound of frank west just royally sucks. Off subject though, I wish capcom would make a follow up to dragons dogma.
  • @8 The fact that people are eating up that Outlast ripoff irritates me. They can call it Resident Evil 7, but it sure as shit isnt a resident evil game
  • @10 exactly - now if they had called it Resident Evil that would be okay kind of, because it would be a complete reboot / new take on it. But to say its a continuation by giving it the number 7, insulting!
  • No Frank West No TJ Rotolo No Pyschopaths No Humor No colorful art Generic Story No Timer Too casualized Dead Rising 2006-2013
  • Wow they have totally made it into a joke now just like saints row. Defo not buying this.
  • Well i'm buying :|
  • I get it, in this day and age it is popular to bash everything. For those of you that say it's too over the top (even though you could dress as mega man with a functional mega blaster in part 1), what would you be complaining about if it was just like part one or two? Would you then say it's too much of the same and they never step outside the box? Of course you would. I for one am excited about this game and loved part 3 more than the first 2. I always hated the rushed feeling from the originals and enjoyed being able to slow down and enjoy the game in part 3. Everyone just needs to relax, and try to enjoy something once in a while.
  • @15 If you want a slow open world zombie game, why don't you just pick one of the dozens available? You know, that stress was one of the main points that made the original game(s) so good. Seems like you totally missed the point of the franchise. Like Capcom Vancouver.
  • @15 Funny, that was what ruined DR3 for me. The game is fun, sure, but it was dumbed down af. The timer is so genefous one'd be forgiven if they thought there was none at wall. They streamlined the survivors too much, so theres no challenge at all to save them, and still theres too few of them (25 compared to 50 in DR1). They changed for the worse these two mechanics wich imo was what made DR unique, and focused way too much on combo weapons. They are fun at first but the novelty wears off quickly. All of that i could forgive because the team had a deal with Microsoft to release it as a launch title. I asume then they didn't had that much developing time, the team was getting used with the series, etc. Dr4 however have no such excuses.
  • The interview seems to really confirm the perceptions of what this game is turning into, as well as a confirmation of the developers intentions to shift the direction of Dead Rising. I am having a lot of fun with my recently purchased digital copy of the Dead Rising remastered. I've played DR2, Case Zero, Case West, and only dabbled in DR3, but I don't have the desire to play this Dead Rising 4. The original Dead Rising is a masterpiece and will always be one of my favorite media items ever made, across games, music, movies. It is a bummer that the AI seemed to have gotten worse through the HD port from the 360 to the One.
  • I can't wait for the game! I am counting on co-op mode. Co-op will be something new in this game :)
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