Altered Beast & Streets Of Rage May Be Getting TV/Movie Licenses, SEGA Looking Into Resurrecting Other Brands

Altered Beast & Streets Of Rage May Be Getting TV/Movie Licenses, SEGA Looking Into Resurrecting Other Brands

Dom Peppiatt

According to reports from Variety, Stories International (a production company jointly owned by Sega and Hakuhodo DY Holdings) has partnered with Circle of Confusion to produce adaptations of Streets of Rage and Altered Beast.

Circle of Confusion has experience in the market - it was the company behind Fear The Walking Dead, Powers and Dirk Gently so you could assume the company knows its audience.

Stories International is apparently also looking for further partnerships with other studios, the report continues. It could be inferred, then, that SEGA is looking for production to start on more of its classic titles - we already know that Marc Platt (producer, The Girl On The Train, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) is on board for help with the upcoming Shinobi project.

The report goes on to mention that SEGA is looking at finding partners for its Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, The House of the Dead and Crazy Taxi franchises.

Hey, if SEGA is looking into reviving this stuff for the big and little screen, do you think that might mean we're going to see more games in these series too? We'll let you know as soon as anything comes to light.

  • SEGA have a buch of games that could work as movies, Altered beast and Streets of Rage are some of the ones with potential. Golden Axe is probably the one I would've started with.
  • Make a new Daytona game.
  • Shenmue
  • That photo brings back to many memories!
  • No more game adaptations until they finish the Asteroids movie.
  • Wonderboy please!
  • So whats the story line to streets of rage. I think back to when i played it to death on the megadrive and i can then only imagine the film being the hammer scene from oldboy stretched over an hour and a half lol
  • Also, wonder if streets of rage the movie will feature those leather clad whip chicks with the annoying scream ;p
  • Alien Storm: The Movie
  • So basically get into the shows and then they don't fightback and they let the show gets cancelled like powers
  • Make more GAMES not movies please.
  • Live action Sonic movie! Lol JK.
  • A Panzer dragoon Saga movie would be incredible
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