Virtual-On Trailer, Screens, Price and Release Date

Alan Pettit

SEGA announced recently that Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram will be available on the arcade April 29th for 1200MSP, the same day and price as Banjo-Tooie.

Check out our gallery for 7 screenshots.

And thanks to Joystiq for the trailer.


  • Own them all for the Sega systems, might have to check this one out!!
  • I'd choose Banjo-Tooie over this any day, I'll get the demo though to see what it's like!
  • looks like zone of the enders
  • Looks more like Virtua Transformers.
  • Looks ok, i dont know if its worth 1200 MSP but ill cheak it out anyway.
  • Looks like 1200 points is becoming the new standard arcade game price, knew this would happen!
  • Its Custom Robo! Awesome.
  • Hurray for polygons.
  • meh.
  • Now now, Outrun Online Arcade was 800, and that was probably worth 1200, but I'm glad it was 800. I have the full 200 in that one, and I'd still play online to ruin or reinforce streaks for the achievement.
  • Looks like gundams not worth 1200 msp in my opinion
  • looks like a crappier version of the armored core games to me...
  • Wow, it seems as though not many people on here even know what this game is. Keep the Dreamcast arcade classics coming Sega!
  • I don't know how it will play now, but when this came out for the dreamcast, it was awesome. (Maybe it was the Saturn, can't remember too well)
  • I am going to buy this if for no other reason to encourage sega to keep porting things over from their older systems. Plus the game was great fun back in the day.
  • Shit Balls
  • Its dreamcast ages its gonna be sick
  • oooooooooooooo i cant wait. use to play this in the arcade all the time back in the day.
  • Looks cool, Id get Banjo Tooie over it but still looks good
  • I'm definately getting Banjo-Tooie first, but this looks enough like a Custom Robo game that I might just get it.
  • for all the people who are saying this looks like a crappy version of "this". This game came before most of the mech games hit saturation. Also I'm getting both.
  • @14 - You're right... "What is Virtal-on" lol It's a shame that people don't recognize this game :( Lets hope for Powerstone!!
  • @13 - .....Armored Core games aren't very good. Virtual On kicks AC's ass.
  • 1200 msp! a little steep!
  • looks cool now need jet set and crasy taxi
  • as much as i like the idea of a crasy taxi game i'm gonna have to change it to crazy taxi
  • #23 Yess Powerstone and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Please it would be perfect for XBLA!!! as for this I had fun with it 6 years ago but it's not worth the 1200 now I dont think
  • I will definitely buy this over banjo tooie. @28 MvC 2 was already announced LOL
  • this game is retarded...
  • This game looks decent for 800 points, not 1200. Also, are they seriously flaunting a Color Editing mode as a major game feature? *facepalm*
  • #31: What part of "Dreamcast port" don't you understand? It's a 10-11 year old trailer.
  • i still just want my Zombies ate my neighbors. I remember playing virtual on with my cousin back in the day though, might pick it up
  • I buy any sega arcade game, i got this for my japanese dreamcast, might sell the original(this is still a original sega game as well, thats why im selling half of my sega collection cause everything comes out on collectors cds these days) and i loved the figures of this game in Shen Mue 2
  • wow, uber lame!
  • This game, i have to admit, doesnt have the best of graphics, but this game looks interesting to me, and ill be looking forward to the demo (not the game though, dont have any microsoft points)
  • I will buy any and all Dreamcast ports. Thank you Sega! I knew I loved you for a reason. Powerstone next, please.
  • Powerstone and Jet Set Radio would be neat, while they're doing Dreamcast games.
  • looks, o-so-gay
  • you mean Jet Grind Radio, JSR is for the original xbox
  • 1200 points is getting way to common on arcades, they made money on them 10 years ago and they want more.....
  • I'd buy it for the kick ass music.
  • This game was fun in the arcade...back where an arcade was an actual place you went to play games!1200 is bit too steep.NIRVANA was easy to beat tho.
  • Power Stone is by CAPCOM so yell at them for it
  • Good ;)
  • @24 yeah the AC games were really bland, so this looks even worse. If they're gonna port DC games, how about Sonic or the Shenmue series? Maybe even the never-gonna-happen third part of the Shenmue story?
  • Man....i was REALLY looking forward to this game, cuz the arcade version was SIIIICK, but the graphics are not even half of what they were in the arcade & i was playing this game back in high school.....not gunna lie, kinda disappointed...
  • Classic arcade action this one. 1200msp ftw!!
  • Wow, amazing how many people don't know what this is... I guess when you look at Segas back catalogue it is one of the more obscure titles, but back in those days twin stick shooters were unheard of! Unfortunately I'm still working my way through my games surplus from Xmas, and with summer thowing up a few sweet releases, I just don't have the time for new xbla games too
  • I actually have the saturn version of part 1, + twin stick for sale on ebay if anyones interested in some retro gaming, its not cheap tho
  • getting both but not sure which 1 1st?...... hmmmmm?
  • I just want to point something out to all the idiots that moan about the 800 / 1200 price thing. Pratically from day one of the 360, if it was a port of a old game, it was 400 or 800, if it was a title built from scratch for the 360, it is 1200 or more, if you think thats too much for the game then fine, but don't whine "it looks like 1200 is the new standard price" cause thats just bullshit, look at some of the recent games, they haven't been 1200!
  • also, this game looks awful!
  • MS can have my points for this. its better than 15$k for the later model arcade machine ;) *cha-ching*
  • Hmm never played the DC one in the end - will definitely download the trial... And @41 - No, he didn't mean 'Jet Grind Radio'. 'Jet Set Radio' was the European name for the Dreamcast game, and the sequel on the original XBox was called 'Jet Set Radio Future'. So there. :p
  • Man, we got 60% of the people on this site who didn't know what MvC2 was so I don't expect anyone here to remember the Saturn/DC Virtual-Ons but this game was damn good. (I enjoyed the Saturn one better but whatever - at least it's not Virtual-On Mars, right?)
  • Any game that looks like Zone of the Enders is automatically dismissed. This looks even worse than ZotE and that equals complete garbage. This game might be worth 400 points along with the other Sega classics, if you can call this a classic.
  • Can't wait!
  • VMU'S LOL! but seriously, keep the sega classics coming.
  • Very classic game and I loved it...cant wait for this.
  • @58 Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 were both actually really fun games and both were well reviewed. Other than the fact that the first was "the game that came with the MGS2 demo" back then, it still was a hell of a lot of fun. And if this classic I happened to have missed is similar it will be very fun. Either way it looks cool.
  • I hope we also get Tech Romancer...don't see why not now...
  • This is an old game but man did I miss it! I remember goin to the arcade for this one and playing it on the Dreamcast. Definitely a must buy!
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