Bastion Is Now Available On Xbox One (And It's Free If You Already Own It On Xbox 360)

Bastion Is Now Available On Xbox One (And It's Free If You Already Own It On Xbox 360)

Dom Peppiatt

We already knew that Supergiant Games' classic 2011 adventure Bastion will be coming to Xbox One thanks to a statement from the developer last month, but we thought now that the game is officially up on the Xbox Store, it'd only be polite to remind you all.

If you already own the original Xbox 360 version of Bastion, you can get the Xbox One version for free until 1st January 2017, too - it's a way of the studio thanking you for your support. If you don't already own Bastion on 360, you can download it for £11.99 (or your regional equivalent).

The Xbox One version of the game comes with more achievements (and a separate list if you want to play it again), 1080p visuals and includes the Stranger's Dream DLC too.

Will you be downloading the game again? Let us know below.


  • I enjoyed this game back when it first came out, but I never got around to completing it. I appreciate the free upgrade, free DLC and more achievements. Will be playing this later today. :-)
  • Yay :-) I was wondering what I was gonna do today!
  • Holy crap am i excited for this. I was really hoping for this and Dust: An Elysian tale to come out Backwards Compatible. This is in my top 5 favorite games. Such a great story and the narrator is an amazing addition. And the Music is top-notch,just listening to the start screen is pumping me up to play this for many hours.
  • Dust is what Castlevania HD should have been instead of that multiplayer nonsense.
  • Thanks for the reminder! I would have replayed it no matter what, but new achievements just makes it even better.
  • I'll download it. Don't plan on playing it again at the moment, but always good to have something for a later date already installed. I had it on 360 so might as well grab it free. If I play it, then good, if I don't then it's not cost me nothing.
  • That's great and all but how about.... BRINGING TRANSISTOR TO THE XBOX1?
  • Oh shit. Nice. Loved it on the 360. Will be downloading this later and playing again over xmas.
  • This was a really good game so an immediate rebuy for me [even if it wasn't free.] I just hope we get DUST:AET in BC or HD soon.
  • Does anyone know how to get it on I own the game but I dont have a Xbox one yet. I dont want to miss out on this.
  • @11 use the Xbox app. Worked to push it to my One so it should work for you.
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