The Maw Updated to 250; DLC Tomorrow

Alan Pettit
The Maw will get a third and final dose of DLC tomorrow, entitled “Speeder Lane”. The content will cost 100 Microsoft Points and add one last achievement to hit its max at 250 total points.
"Teaching kids the value of stealing cars, Speeder Lane follows Frank and Maw after they nab a vehicle from the Galactic Forces and fly a path of destruction through a soldier compound. The level features a new vehicle, new gameplay mechanics, and climaxes in an old-school boss fight."
Speeder Lane  20
Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in Speeder Lane 
Please note: Whenever we add DLC achievements to a game, the checklist for the game will be broken to anyone who was using it before the additions. We do not know the cause, but to fix the glitch, simply delete the checklist (hit the Red X from the "My Checklists" link)  and then re-enable and re-check your achievements. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  • still deciding if i want to buy the game
  • Woot! Love this game, and although I said I wouldn't buy anymore DLC after the 1st one glitch wich made me recover my GT (loooong 4 hours!), I just have to have them all!
  • I have this game, don't have the original 200 on it yet but I'll get everything eventually. It's fun, just gets a little boring after a while.
  • oh system74... just do it buddy! It's fun to finish all and whole of them levels! The last level is crazy fun, I wasn't expecting any of that, and I thing this last DLC is also something different!
  • i posted this info a week ago. nice of them to ignore it. ah well. excited to finally get the final DLC and finish up this game. One of the best purchases I've made
  • Can't wait ! A really nice game for sure.
  • isnt this only 1000 ms points with both DLC?
  • Sweet, I was waiting to get this game until all the DLC was released, looks like I'll be buying this soon then
  • This game is a blast.I need more Maw!Balls!
  • sweet getting this one
  • @7 its 800 (game) and 100+100+100 for all 3 DLC, total 1100 MSP ($13.75 total), and worth 250 gamerscore altogether. And its quite a fun game.
  • First chance its bought ;D
  • yay, now i just need to wait until the 2nd when my suspention is removed, fukin complaining pussies
  • for 100 points its good value and a great add-on to the game. Basically its worth one playthrough to me...well two when my daughter plays and gets stuck
  • 100 MSP DLC = win
  • I can't wait to buy this tomorrow. I loved this game and i'm sad this is the last DLC for it. I hope the company who makes this comes out with something awesome like The Maw soon.
  • @14: If you do something shitty enough to get suspended or banned from XBL, chances are you should also be castrated. Stop being a douche.
  • this game has had alot of DLC it seems
  • it reminds me of a dreamcast game
  • Fantastic something else to keep my little one happy, he loves the maw! not too happy about him stealing cars though....GTA will be next :P
  • Dammit, just when I finished it! lol
  • God Dammit! Banjo Tooie, Virtual On, and now The MAW! Ah shit. Hope rock band next week isn't amazing or else I'll be broke. Need a job...
  • Yaaaay, finally the last piece of DLC. Love this game.
  • #24 I'm with you
  • Gonna get another 1OO points from me......
  • Ive got the other 2 and only 20 points havnt got round to playing this
  • Yay!!!!! Just YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! It took so long for this one that I was beginning to think it wasn't coming. And just when I packed my Hdd :(
  • My god I hope this is the end. great game, but seriously, NO MORE!!!
  • Cannot wait!
  • whats MAW?
  • basically a "Spacer" IE. If you buy 1000 points and need to spend the rest. I like the Maw and still need to finish it, fun original and Mawesome.
  • Ive been waiting for the dlc to stop b4 buying it all. Ill wait a week or two cause theres always some sort of problem with the achievements when playing this right away.
  • I heart Maw
  • I got the 200 on this, I guess at some point ill get the extra three levels at about £2.40 If they're original there worth it. Great game!
  • are these worth getting?
  • all of the dlcs are worth downloading
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