Micro Machines World Series is Coming to Xbox One

Micro Machines World Series is Coming to Xbox One

Richard Walker

Recalling the good old days of multiplayer racing on the SEGA Mega Drive, Codemasters is resurrecting its Micro Machines franchise on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with Micro Machines World Series; and it looks like it's going to be a pumped up version of the free-to-play Micro Machines game for iOS that launched back in July 2016.

At present there's only box art and some other promotional artwork (above), with no concrete information on Micro Machines World Series as yet. However, it's likely the game will be a lot like Codies' spiritual Micro Machines successor Toy Box Turbos, itself inspiring the iOS version of Micro Machines.

Expect colourful top-down racing, wacky weapons, oversized billiard balls and other everyday items, as well as loads of diddy racing cars doing battle on tabletops and in other domestic environments. More Micro Machines? Yes, please! Watch this space for more details on Micro Machines World Series for Xbox One, PS4 and PC soon.

  • YES!!!
  • No. Nah just kidding. This was fun many years ago. Sure it'll be fun now too.
  • @1 that was the only comment I also wanted to make so to reiterate YES!!
  • fucking excellent
  • Was great knocking your mates car down the toilet lol.
  • Saw the title and hundreds of hours of enjoying micro machines on sega megadrive might even pay full retail
  • Oh hell the fuck yes. V3 was my childhood
  • Haha this Is sad I got a thumbs down for what is clearly a fucking joke. God this community fucking sucks I'm done with this fucking place damn ingrates
  • Nice bit of news for a Monday.
  • Brings back memories from (as old as) my Amiga 600... So a definite YES !
  • I hope you can still knock each other off the screen! So much fun!
  • A buddy of mine and I play Micro Machines on the NES all the time. Such a great game, and the shenanigans that come with us playing are always entertaining; especially for those watching. I'll definitely be looking into this one.
  • @8 Calm down man. It's only a thumbs down. XD
  • @ #8 What the above said, it's only virtual likes/dislikes. It's not going to affect your life one way or the other. I could get perhaps a million dislikes on this comment and I wouldn't even be bothered by it.
  • Shame it's isometric and not top down though.
  • The Codemasters Micro Machines inspired game on the 360 was "meh" (easy 1000GS though)-and nobody seems to have played it. If they don't put some serious work behind the game, I don't see this being any good.
  • @17 toybox turbo ya mean?! I liked it but it was was away too short, easy and overpriced. Was fun
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