Ubisoft Acquires FreeStyle Games From Activision

Ubisoft Acquires FreeStyle Games From Activision

Dom Peppiatt

Ubisoft has acquired FreeStyle Games from rival publisher Activision.

FreeStyle Games - a British developer based out of Leamington Spa - is most well known for its work on the DJ Hero series of games and, more recently, Guitar Hero Live.

In a blog post, Ubisoft said the studio will be renamed Ubisoft Leamington and will work with Ubisoft Reflections, the Newcastle-based studio that's been supplying assets and manpower to various Ubisoft projects for a while, as well as making the Grow Home series of games.

FreeStyle Games had been working with Activision on the China market-focussed Call Of Duty Online after Guitar Hero Live failed to dominate the charts in a way many expected before launch.

An Activision spokesperson told Eurogamer the publisher will continue to support Guitar Hero Live - a game that has been billed since the start of its life as an ongoing service and platform.

The statement reads:

"We can confirm that FreeStyleGames has been integrated within Ubisoft's global network of development studios. We would like to thank the very talented team at FreeStyleGames for their many years of creative partnership and wish them well as they begin a new chapter in the studio's history.

"Activision Blizzard remains fully committed to the UK games industry, and our teams based across the UK. The Guitar Hero TV platform will continue to be supported by Activision Publishing."

  • Guitar Hero Live* Not Rock Band Live
  • "FreeStyle Games - a British developer based out of Leamington Spa - is most well known for its work on the DJ Hero series of games and, more recently, Rock Band Live." you mean Guitar Hero Live?
  • @1 & @2 Lol, yeah the Rock Band Live threw me for a second before I realized it was a typo.
  • Cally of Duty Online?
  • @1,2,3 - My bad: no excuse other than poor editing
  • bring more DJ Hero
  • Too bad Ubisoft didn't get GH. Might have actually been worth a damn.
  • @6 and @8... we may be the only 3 people who still enjoy it! I shelled out big bucks for the Deluxe Jay-Z/Eminem edition of DJ Hero where the case turns into an actual DJ Stand! Pretty cool piece of Gaming history...
  • @9 i think some of the mixes were great, great gaming with great music, bring on DJ Hero 3, and flood the marketplace with DLC, like the guitar games please
  • Yay Ubisoft can show off their Guitar Hero at E3 showing you actually playing at a concert and on release can downgrade the graphics so your notes are played on a toilet roll. These games were great when they came out but just boring as hell. Is Lady Gaga or Rhianna really what you want to play on guitar? The franchise peaked at GH3 Legends of Rock, I still smash this one to this day.
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