This is What Happened to Stormlands Fallout New Vegas Devs Canned Xbox One Exclusive

This is What Happened to 'Stormlands', Fallout: New Vegas Dev's Canned Xbox One Exclusive

Richard Walker

Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Knights of the Old Republic 2, had been working on an RPG called Stormlands for Xbox One, which had it been completed, would have been a launch title for Microsoft's new console. However, Microsoft cancelled the project and now CEO Fergus Urquhart has explained to IGN why it happened.

"It comes down to budget and it comes down to having a champion [at Microsoft]," Urquhart told the site. "I can see games that had champions and weren't cancelled until $80 million were spent... There's games that had a $10 million budget and had a champion and ended up the budget was $60 million and it shipped."

Essentially, Urquhart explained that there was no one at Microsoft really willing to get behind and "champion" the game. "There has to be someone at the publisher," when working on a big budget game like Stormlands, Urquhart added, who defends the project and assures the 'higher-ups' that the game is worth supporting.

And that seems to be the primary reason Stormlands never ended up happening on Xbox One. "There has to be someone with that attitude and the ability to defend the game," Urquhart went on, citing Baldur's Gate as an example of being a game that was supported at Interplay when low sales forecasts in Europe threatened to impact its performance in the Americas.

"For a game to truly be big, it often has to be pushed and it has to have ads and PR," he added. "Why did Stormlands get cancelled? Stomlands got cancelled because we didn't have an advocate," Urquhart concluded.

Of course, Stormlands isn't the only casuality that will never see the light of day on Xbox One. You can count Fable Legends and the recently scrapped Scalebound to that list.

  • I like Obsidian and all, but this guy is a moron. He's just mad he doesn't get massive budget increases when he fails to do the job with what he has. Same thing with deadline extentions. They can't work within the time they AGREED to so they ask for more. Obsidian has always been bad for this. Always.
  • So the game was cancelled because it didn't have enough attention?
  • @1 He's not mad, he's right. Somethings are very hard to market compared to others. This applies to the music industry. There are a lot of talented musicians out there without an image/zero marketability therefore the record labels are like "Well how the hell is he gonna push records with his image not being a marketable image?". It's stupid and unfair but unfortunately in the great ol' USA that's how business works.
  • The lack of exclusives didn't really start bothering me until Scalebound's cancellation. I love Halo but Microsoft sure is lucky that they have people who prefer the XBO set-up and that they have Halo and Gears because this lack of exclusives is really lame.
  • its not always on the dev. lots of meetings between the publisher, retail, and investors where the devs basically just have to take their demands, while sitting on the sidelines and not allowed to give their own feedback- then they have to adapt tp these new changes on the fly. So many times this is why we ended up with so much tacked-on MP nobody liked
  • @4: I hear you. I'm not really worried about the first party games (I find most of Sony's overrated), but am really bothered by how many 3rd party are exclusive to PS4.
  • Just a fyi the game didn't get far into production not even out of basic prototyping, ms was decided on the lineup of games and say this got made , ryse or dead rising 3 may not have
  • I definitely would've preferred an Obsidian RPG to most of the other exclusives we've gotten, that's for damn sure.
  • @4 And a 4k blu-ray player that " NON GAMERS " buy because its the cheapest 4k blu-ray player out....just a fyi. I believe microsoft is doing everything right regardless of 1st party ot 3rd party games, there still making alot. You can say sony has 20+ more exclusives then microsoft....but how many have a release date? How do you know them games will actually make it to market? Its all talk intill its in stores for all sides.
  • @7 I would've taken anything over Ryse. That game was fucking terrible.
  • well i guess we will never know how good or terrible it would have been.
  • @7 I liked ryse....i thought the combat was empty but the graphics, story was awesome. I would but another ryse if it would come want better combat tho...less executions & more combos/ attacks and im in
  • @10*^^^^
  • it must be a lousy feeling to have your game cancelled. to potentially spend years of your life creating something only to have it all suddenly stop without any
  • @4 I don't know why you got thumbs downed most of the popular Xbox exclusives are shooters and sequels Xbox needed Scalebound to replace Fable as a action rpg I mean their best new exclusive series is State of Decay imo
  • Microsoft needs some games on Xbox one
  • @ #16 The Xbox One has tons of games, unless you mean exclusives. Which aren't really that important. What do you think I bought my Xbox One for? Gears and Halo? Yeah no, I don't even like those games. I didn't buy my Xbox One for the exclusives, same goes for when I order that Scorpio.
  • Well at least one game from Obsidian was stopped from sucking. Took Ubi a year to fix South Park, notice how they're not hired on again. Citian makes bad games, I have no idea why anyone is a fan of theirs. New Vegas was absolutely awful compared to F3, KOTOR 2Bad compared to the original, even with its deleted scenes restored. I'm betting Microsoft side of the story is quite different
  • @18 I never had a problem with South park. And I'm pretty sure the majority of production problems stemmed from THQ teetering on the edge of bankruptcy during a large portion of the production period. As for New Vegas, many people see that as the best fallout game. I can't speak for KOTOR as I've never played it. OT: I'm sure this guy is probably right about MS. Remember, just like with most companies, their focus is a profit. So why dump money into an unknown when you can just sell another CoD or Battlefield year after year. All that matters to the suits is the bottom line. Not quality of product
  • @18 Well, that's just like, your opinion, man. I loved New Vegas and South Park. Obsidian is a great developer. People are fans of theirs because they like the games they make. Pretty simple stuff, really.
  • That's a shame, new RPG IP's are always welcome.
  • @15 He got "thumbs down" because apart from 20 babies on here nobody gave a fuck about Scalebound and it's cancellation is not a problem. Very few people care, the end.
  • @18: You smell that? It smells like someone has shit taste in games.
  • @18 I see you saying alot of bullshit with no actual criticisms of the games.
  • Lol, you all seem to clearly have forgotten how bugged both of those Obsidian releases were. Fallout: NV made Bethesda proud with the long list of bugs that came with release. NV had patches to fix its problems; SWKOTR II on the other had did not. It has to live with how they left it. Would they be amazing games without these bugs? More or less. But, when it comes to the credibility of a developer, we didn't give Ubisoft a pass on AC's release, and I sure as hell am not giving Obsidian a pass. Obsidian is an incompetent developer in all of its releases when it comes to releasing a stable product and back when these titles came out, this support was not there. So, obviously you all forgot or are just bashing #18. When it comes to gameplay you have to hand it to Obsidian for giving us the survival mode of NV but that doesn't raise the bar enough to forgive the issues with it. However, like some are saying, I myself, would have easily picked this game up on release over some of the games I grabbed.
  • @18 & 25: THANK YOU! How do people forget unreliable Obsidian is as a developer? South Park was delayed multiple times, Fallout: New Vegas was literally unplayable for the first year... YEAR it was out due to bugs needing patches, I bought it day one and never actually got to play the main story after falling through the floor over and over again. Alpha Protocol was glitched into a huge mess. And last, but not least, was KotOR II, which I also never got to beat due to glitches. I have bought 3 of their games on launch and never actually got to beat any of them. I don't see how they have any respect left as a developer. Thank God for Matt & Trey not letting them release South Park until it was good enough. Do you people not remember how many times it was delayed? Obsidian have not once, ever met their development deadlines.
  • I have always been behind Xbox one. But a few friends have recently converted to PS4. When the announcement of scalebound cancelleation it got me thinking how poor. Ice psp ft exclusives are compared to PS4. E3 this year is the the last chance for Microsoft. If nothing good exclusive is announced I'm going to jump ship. It's going to greieve me because I have ploughed so much time into achievements. But as I get older I get less times with games so I want to be playing the best ones I can and not mediocre ones or the same franchise over and over and over like halo/gears
  • @25 & 26 that's weird. I played FO: NV, Stick of Truth, and alpha protocol all shortly after launch and never experienced the problems you're describing. I understand what you're talking about. But Obsidian is no different than most developers now that release games with a "patch it later" mentality. As for the Stick of Truth, I don't think the delays were entirely Obsidian's fault. Remember that was during the THQ debacle. As long as a developer delivers a good game in the end, that's more important to me than the rocky road to get there
  • @ #27 You only buy a console for the exclusives? That's pretty sad, mate.
  • @27 No mans sky was NOT!!! The " best of the best " just a fyi ;)
  • @25 Do you even know why New Vegas and KotoR 2 were so buggy? Do a bitbof research before you go saying they are incompetent dev when you don't know anything about game development and how fucked publishers can be at times
  • @31 that's how they tell it But Obsidian has a consistent pattern of mediocrity and being late. How many publishers having the same problems with them does it take? And I have excellent taste in games, Ubisoft spent a year fixing South Park. A bloody year.
  • @29 When most aspects of these two consoles are virtually the same user experience aside from the Xbox One having better Blu Ray support, how uncommon is it to see someone pick a console with infinitely better exclusives, and more of them? If I wanted just a home entertainment system, I would but exactly what I wanted. If I'm buying a gaming console, the games are what are going to come first. I love my XB1, but it sits on the shelf collecting dust way more than the PS4 at this point in time. I dust it off for the few good exclusives, and on rare occasions when there's a multiplayer game more of my Xbox friends are getting.
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