For Honors Hardest Difficulty Will Kick Your Ass - Video Interview

For Honor's Hardest Difficulty Will "Kick Your Ass" - Video Interview

Richard Walker

For Honor's combat mechanics are pretty unique, with its stances dictating which enemy attacks you're able to guard against, while you need to bide your time to find an opening to strike and vanquish your opponent. Suffice it to say, battles in For Honor can be tough, even at the standard difficulty.

But what if you decide to jump into the campaign at the game's hardest difficulty? Game Designer Bio Jade Adam Granger tells us it's going to kick your ass, so you'll need to really ensure your swordplay skills are up to scratch before taking it on. Dare you face it with the directional prompts turned off too? You can try it if you like.

Find out more about For Honor in our chat with Granger below, ahead of the Open Beta going live from 9th - 12th February, before the full game itself launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 14th February 2017.

  • Good that means I can be proud of this 100% completion and looking forward to a significant challenge with this so good job ubi
  • Developers often make these kind of statements, they're usually followed by some dude completing the game with a guitar controller while blindfolded.
  • @2 it really isn't that bad. Really as long as it's a challenge to beat I'm happy. Most game are easily beaten on the hardest difficulty so hopefully this one is a good solid challenge.
  • Why do they keep saying Gladius for some of the swords....Gladius wasn't even used by these warriors. The Spatha however was. I know she said it isn't historical but clearly they never did their research on some of the weapons.
  • And like most Ubisoft titles, it'll be artificial difficulty. Why make the game harder when we can make the enemies cheaper and have you die from one hit? Not interested. At least in the Souls games there was a learning curve. This will be cheap like the rest of them.
  • I just beat this on realistic and it wasn't that hard at all. There were 2 boss fights that gave me trouble but other than that it was rather simple. Just take your time and watch the enemies and it's not bad at all.
  • @7 I agree it also helps if you have the health power up and the passive ability where you take 30% reduce damage
  • Not a good Game. s Via XA Android App
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