South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delayed Again, But At Least Rainbow Six Has 15m Registered Players

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delayed Again, But At Least Rainbow Six Has 15m Registered Players

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has released its financial results for Q3 2016-2017, revealing - among other things - that South Park: The Fractured But Whole will now be launching during the company's fiscal year 2017-2018. That means the game could drop any time between April 2017 and the end of March 2018. That's a pretty big launch window, but we're hopeful Ubi will release the latest South Park closer to the April 2017 end.

Overall, sales of €529.9 million were recorded for quarter three 2017, while the first nine months saw sales of €811.3 million. Key contributors to this figure include Rainbow Six: Siege clocking up 15 million registered players and record daily active users, while The Division has also seen its daily active users rise by 152.3%. Ubisoft also saw sales of its back catalogue achieve a new record over the last nine months, accounting for 57.1% of total sales.

Record digital revenue for the same period also saw an 84.4% rise compared to last year, seeing digital sales of €383 million. That's 47.2% of Ubisoft's total sales. As for Ubisoft's major 2016 releases, Watch Dogs 2's launch was seen to be "not as dynamic as expected", but Ubi also noted that "momentum [is] now positive. Open world winter sports game Steep, meanwhile, performed "slightly higher than expected," so that's nice, isn't it?

South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be launching for Xbox One, PS4 and PC during the fiscal year 2017-2018. Watch this space for a solid release date hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • Aw, hamburgers...
  • At this point, the first game shouldn't be just a preorder bonus - they should just give it away to everyone as a "We're sorry" One can dream...
  • Yeah, this is screwed up. They can now use that game as an excuse to say "we won't give your money back, sucker"
  • Well that sucks......I'm really looking forward to this game, but get disappointed every time they delay it more. On the bright side, however, at least (or so I hope) it'll be a launch with almost zero bugs or major issues, unlike many other games these days. I can only dream though.....
  • Ive had this pre-ordered since 26-06-15! made a mistake and set the price as £24 so I pre-ordered. Its still valid and just waiting for a release date almost 2 years later.
  • Be careful guys they might cancel this too. Cough cough scalebound. Best of luck to those waiting for this
  • I still like my SP tower defence occasionally, but not that bothered about this. Make a HD PoP: SoT remaster and you can take my money :)
  • Backlog time then !
  • #8 lol... no they won't.
  • Above comment was meant for #6
  • Not really too bothered. Hardly any of ubisoft's titles are fully functional day 1. Ubisoft gone downhill fast as far as quality control/testing goes.
  • Am I the only one that thinks that the delays for this game aren't for fixes, but for more clear release dates? Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to this game, but there's no way it was gunna be top of my list compared to last years fall releases. And now with mass effect announced to be coming out same month, no way majority of people gunna pick this over that! Poor South Park
  • Well I officially regret my pre order now... geeze
  • @12 LOL. some of us gamers are working adults who can afford 2 games a month. Mass effect isnt the reason for delaying it up to a year..
  • @14 Are you forgetting that a large market is kids and people who can't afford two games a month.
  • @1 my thoughts exactly. @14 I'm a working adult and I'm lucky if I can afford 1 game a month.
  • What? Obsidian is painfully bad with budgets and deadlines? Who would have guessed? Surely they haven't done this with almost every title they've ever made..
  • @14 What an asinine statement to make. I'm a working adult and much like #16, am lucky to be able to afford 1 game every month or two.
  • Why can't ubisoft just release it and stop fucking us around. So does that mean the stick of truth will also be delayed they should give us stick of truth free for screwing us around
  • Really guys what is so negative about my comment... I even said best of luck to you guys waiting on this. Whatever I guess. Go trump
  • @2 "Hello, I'm Yves Guillemot, chairman and CEO of Ubisoft. Delaying South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a tragedy that should have never happened. And to all those affected, I want to say, we are deeply sorry."
  • @19: Do you mean stick of truth as a stand alone download? Stick was playable from the moment the preorder went up for Fractured - You just had to go about downloading it by finding it on the store first rather then it appearing on your available games list
  • Ubisoft strikes again with bad news.
  • @16 @18 Sorry to hear you cant spend more than $60 a month on yourself. I dont have kids so that may be the difference here. The fact that you consider it "asinine" to spend 120 a month on a hobby says alot about your money situation.
  • #22 I pre ordered the disc version because the digital version is over priced
  • @7 You mean like they already did? @17 What? This game isn't even being developed by Obsidian
  • @2 Lying in front of a fire on a bear skin...."we're sowwwry".
  • The delay sucks but I was fully expecting this after what happened to TSoT. Well I can wait longer.
  • @14, 16 and 18 Maybe 12 wasn't referring to that. Maybe he was referring to the fact that companies have cocked up before by releasing a game near a big AAA title(which has been pointed out CONSTANTLY in comments sections) see: rise of the tomb raider or Titanfall 2
  • I just got my money back, but not the full prize. I payed 70 Euro and got 60 back, maybe because i was playing stick of truth remastered but thats ok for me. I will buy the Disk Version when its out. But its a no go for me paying 70 Euro and then wait over a year and they have my money.
  • Hahaha and no one learned not to preorder a South park from the last ones delays? I sure did I'll preorder it when it goes gold.
  • @24 We consider it asinine to put some one down for their money situation. We'd spend more if we could. 2 kids will really put a damper on your hobby spending.
  • @22 It was initially but it has changed since then. Now you don't get Stick of Truth until Fractured But Whole is out.
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