Rage Can Now Be Purchased Digitally Through Xbox One

Rage Can Now Be Purchased Digitally Through Xbox One

Dom Peppiatt

Rage was added to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility service in October last year, but due to its status as a multi-disc title, the game was never available on the Xbox Store for the console.

That's changed today, however - an announced from Xbox's Major Nelson has confirmed the game can now be purchased digitally through the Xbox One store. 

We like the game quite a lot - Rich even gave the title a score of 89 back in the day: you can take a look at that review here.

  • I really wish that game had an actual ending & a sequel. The shooting & weapon variety was great, as well as a good looking game.
  • Man I remember renting this game and being intimidated by 3 discs I think but then flew through the game in like 2 days. Kind of a let down with length but the gameplay was solid.
  • Nice. Picked up a copy of Rage a few weeks ago from my local GAME store (98p, lol). Haven't made a start on it yet but I love iD games, so I'm sure it will be great :)
  • I don't need to purchase rage. I have enough of my own.
  • That reminds me! I need to go back and finish this. I only have a few achievements left...
  • The graphics were really great for a Xbox 360 game. Also knowing the original game size in textures was over 1 terrabyte.... O.o No. I hope they will release a very good remaster some day on Xbox One with additional content and a decent ending.
  • I hope for Rage Definitive Edition and Rage 2. Both Xbox Scorpio games...
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Rage was one of my most favorite games. Absolutely loved it. Would love a sequel
  • Great, now I can buy a digital copy that costs more than a secondhand disc copy.
  • "Purchased digitally through the Xbox One store. " And the Xbox 360 store.
  • you get an A+ for the interpol reference in the Subheader Dom !!!
  • It'd be nice if all BC games were added to the Xbox one store
  • Never finished this game, my backlog was already huge at that point and I never got around to it. Phenomenal game though
  • How about a sequel? Game functioned very well mechanically. Just needed a better story and a little more RPG/open world.
  • At the insane price of £12 you can. It's £1 in CEX. Literally a fraction of the digital price. Plus you have a few frisbees when you're done. What else you gonna do? Get 20p back?
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