Double Fine is Bringing Ooblets to Xbox One and Windows 10 Next Year

Double Fine is Bringing Ooblets to Xbox One and Windows 10 Next Year

Alan Pettit

Double Fine has announced it will be publishing Rebecca Cordingley's Ooblets on Xbox One and Windows 10 next year as a Play Anywhere title. Ooblets is "a mash-up of Stardew Valley, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Factorio, with the 'adorable' knob cranked all the way up to 11." Cordingley left a steady development job after she saw the success of Stardew Valley (also a one-person development project) and set to work on Ooblets, catching Double Fine's eye in the process, for obvious reasons. A gorgeous art style and fantastic premise were enough to convince the publisher to bring her on board. Cordingley is also excited to be working with Microsoft, saying "Xbox is building up a really impressive indie lineup and we’re super thrilled to be invited to be a part of it."

There is not much in the way of gameplay available thus far [update: they released a trailer after I originally published this! find it below], though there are a number of Devlogs available at the game's website with plenty of gifs showing snippets of the game's character creation, inventory management, combat, level up animations, and more. The gameplay will be comprised of managing a farm, exploring "weird places," collecting ooblets, battling other ooblet trainers, and even running a shop. Battles are "turn-based with a lot of team mechanics. Are you going to stack your team with quick attack ooblets or balance things out with healer and defense type ooblets? Who knows!?"

Ooblets will be aiming for release in the first half of 2018.

  • This actually looks really good! I look forward to it. Also, nice to see Double Fine publishing for the Xbox seeing as they've been in Sony's favour in a few others games recently.
  • @1 I think they either tend to develop for the first console maker to fund/support them or just flip between consoles for each game. There are a few of their games on Xbox that aren't available on Playstation as well.
  • I really like the concept of this one, good luck to her.
  • @2 I dont think ps4 players are missing out much with not having Massive Chalice.
  • Makes me wonder if this will release as a Games with Gold title.
  • I usually like Double fine games, but this I'm not so sure about.
  • @ #6 That's because it's not by them, it's being published.
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