BioWare Tried To Push "The Notion of Discovery & Curiosity" In Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare Tried To Push "The Notion of Discovery & Curiosity" In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Richard Walker

Two hours with Mass Effect: Andromeda simply wasn't enough, so in a bid to find out more about BioWare's upcoming RPG opus, we had to chat with Producer Fabrice Condiminas to find out a little more about the first Mass Effect game since Mass Effect 3 concluded five years ago.

We grilled Condiminas on the game's new races, branching dialogue options, inspirations for the more open-ended, open world approach, and loads more besides, without venturing anywhere near to to spoiler territory. Really, we want to go in as cold as possible and BioWare seems to want that too.

Gain some insights into what makes Mass Effect: Andromeda tick in our interview below, ahead of the game's launch later this month.

  • I Really don't like the look of the new female main character. Her face just seems too wide or something. I hope that we can customise our appearance and that it corresponds to the twin sibling.
  • I thought they did a great job of discovery, curiosity, mystery, etc with the first game and then proceeded to water down and over-simplify everything with each new entry. Hopefully this game will return to its roots
  • @2: From ME1 to ME2 they definitely did. I think they put SOME of it back in for ME3, but not all of it (and this can also be said for the amount of RPGness in the games). However, I also think a lot of the planets in ME1 were barren and pointless so it was just a waste of time for the player.
  • I still can't believe that the deluxe physical edition still isn't for sale in the UK yet with under a month to release now.
  • @#4 : the regular edition will be the only one on disc. Deluxe and Super Deluxe are only digital. 3 weeks to go... I'm slowly dying...
  • @5 Ah, ok. Thanks for the info. I hadn't seen that news anywhere.
  • @3 though you're right about the barren planets I wouldn't necessarily say it was a waste of time. But it depends on the type of gamer you are. For me, it was the anticipation of what you could find. Sure, most just has resources or some trinkets. I remember when the Thresher Maw showed up, I was like WTF! They certainly streamlined it but just scanning in ME2, but that was a criticism from the first game. People, as stupid as they are, are quick to dismiss why changes were made in the first place. Because of the initial complaints. BioWare did what they could at the time to appease people.
  • Mass effect 1 is by far the best. 2 reasons I had a problem with the others, 1, like you guys said, oversimplified by comparison, and 2, the addition of ammo clips. On the harder difficulty, it pretty much made weapons useless against most enemies because of their health. It was easier to use biotics. I love the soldier class, and then I would use liara or tally as backup. I almost felt forced to play with grunt or garris in the 2nd just for the firepower. I know most people view ME2 as the best. But I cannot figure out why. It was easily my least favorite in the trilogy
  • I see they're really pushing the notion of lying through their teeth. We have literally dozens of articles, responses, previews and more to prove this game is shallow. Why bother.
  • I completely agree with @3 and @8. They both make excellent and valid points.
  • @9 "prove this game is shallow"? What, from the 3 hours or less they had with the game? Literally every hands-on preview I read said something along the lines of "I felt like I only scratched the surface" or "didn't have enough to time to blah blah". You're talking shit.
  • @9 so sayeth the kid with a mass effect gamer picture.
  • @9 in the voice of peter griffin "its shallow and pedantic".
  • I completely agree with #3. 1 was a little over complicated as far as the RPG element went. 2 was streamlined a little too much, but may have had the best storytelling. 3 was my favorite from a gameplay standpoint, but I still loathe the ending after they dismissed completely the indoctrination theory.
  • Is it me or does the female character look like Chris Pine?
  • @3: Yeah, I could see that but it was also kind of optional. Even if you turn up empty handed, that's kind of the purpose of exploration and what gives it a thrill...even if it ends up in disappointment. Sometimes just seeing weird, pointless shit with some spooky music is enough to make an impact
  • 1 had a lot of good ideas but instead of fixing the problems, Bioware just cut them out instead of fixing them and made the game more into a shooter for the mass market. Casual gamers hate armour stats and different armour etc
  • @17 Id blame EA not bioware
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