Injustice 2s Story is Longer and More Epic Says Ed Boon - Video Interview

Injustice 2's Story is "Longer and More Epic," Says Ed Boon - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Injustice: Gods Among Us was about as definitive a DC fighting game as you're ever likely to see, with an original story and an expansive roster of characters that ran the gamut of DC's most iconic Super Heroes and Super Villains. And in Injustice 2, NetherRealm Studios is going bigger and better.

Part of that is telling a "longer and more epic story," according to Creative Director Ed Boon. We managed to have a chat with the Mortal Kombat co-creator and head honcho on Injustice 2, gaining some insights into what we can expect from the sequel, as well as answers to a range of questions.

Like, for instance, whether or not the first game's S.T.A.R. Labs will be making a return and how the new gear system will work in both single-player and multiplayer. Check out our interview with Boon below, then mark your calendars for Injustice 2's arrival on 16th May in North America and 19th May in Europe.

  • NetherRealm fighting game stories actual feel like a real story as opposed to, say, Street Fighter.
  • @1 I agree. I actually really enjoyed going through the stories in MK9, MKX and Injustice 1. It's still cheesy as hell (it is a fighting game story mode after all) but it feels like they actually put some thought into it and didn't just say "well who should fight who and where?"
  • It's a fighting game ... why does it even need a story.
  • Is this an actual weekend article? I can't believe my eyes!
  • I'm hoping it follows on the story from the Injustice Graphic Novel. They are at Year 5 now and year one pretty much left off from the first GN if I remember correctly (which I often don't)
  • Can't wait!!! Via XA Android App
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