See For Honors Upcoming Shinobi and Centurion in Action

See For Honor's Upcoming Shinobi and Centurion in Action

Richard Walker

Hot on the heels of last week's For Honor Season Two announcement, Ubisoft has released a couple of teasers for the upcoming Shinobi and Centurion warriors who'll be joining the fray when the second season gets underway in two weeks time.

The Shinobi will be joining the Samurai faction, a "silent warrior" bringing "a dancer's grace" and precision killing to For Honor's battlefield, while the Centurion is a 'Knight Hybrid' character, equipped with a Roman gladius. Apparently, he "sees the battlefield like a chessboard".

Check out both teasers below for a glimpse at the Shinobi and Centurion. For Honor Season II: Shadow & Might will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC from 16th May for Season Pass holders, before being made available to all players the following week on 23rd May.

  • no achievments = no give fuck
  • No word yet on how much in-game steel these guys will cost?
  • I have heard it's 15,000 steel per character without season pass
  • @1 it's people like you that make me glad that I'm not a douche. Really your comment is one that could have been kept to your self... it hold no purpose on anything in this post. Purely pathetic!
  • @1 I stop caring about achievements awhile ago. I play games now for the back on ps1,2,n64,xbox og days. No one even cares about your gamerscore on Xbox one, it's not like 360 where you got so many compliments about your gamerscore. I get them here or there RARELY on Xbox one.
  • Looking forward to the new characters!!
  • @6 I completely agree. Games have been a lot more fun for me since I gave up caring about achievements. Now I just look at a list for more replay value and for goals.
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