Constructor HD's Two New Trailers Tell You How to Deal With The Thief & Mr Fixit

Constructor HD's Two New Trailers Tell You How to Deal With The Thief & Mr Fixit

Dom Peppiatt

System 3 has released another pair of new trailers for Constructor (formerly Constructor HD), the upcoming remastered version of the 1997 classic building sim.

After showing us The Hippy and The Gangster last time, we're treated to learning how to deal with The Thief and Mr. Fixit this time around.

A cast of colourful characters, you'll send undesirables to terrorise builders working for these rivals, bodging jobs, causing a nuisance and generally causing chaos and unrest.

Here's the complete line-up of undesirables, further videos for which will be coming soon, ahead of Constructor's launch later this year:

  • The Hippy -  They hold street parties, squat, or picket an opponent building.
  • Killer Clown – All round dangerous individuals that cause damage all over the place.
  • The Ghost – Scares tenants to within an inch of their lives and sends them packing.
  • Mr Fixit – The repairman you should never hire – he’ll bodge the whole job.
  • The Psycho – Stay away from him, because he’s just plain crazy!
  • The Thugs – These give Phil Mitchell a run for his money as the nastiest piece of work around.
  • The Thief – Lock up your valuables, because these guys steal everything.
  • The Gangster – Your chosen hitman. Need someone silenced, buildings burned to the ground? He’s your man.

Constructor will be coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017, commemorating the original game's 20th anniversary. A Nintendo Switch version is also slated for a summer release.

  • Very odd release for the Xbox used to play it on PC a long time ago will keep an eye out to see how it plays though.
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