Blizzard Publishes the Drop Rates of Rare Epic & Legendary Items for Overwatch Loot Boxes

Blizzard Publishes the Drop Rates of Rare, Epic & Legendary Items for Overwatch Loot Boxes

Dom Peppiatt

Thanks to new regulations in China that require developers to state the odds of loot dropping in any game or service that features randomised loot boxes, Blizzard have been forced to reveal the rates of a Legendary, Rare or Epic drop from any one loot box.

According to Blizzard's official announcement, (originally penned in Mandarin, via Eurogamer), the odds of getting a Rare item are roughly one per box, an Epic item in every 5.5 boxes and a Legendary in every 13.5 boxes.

That's the average, at any rate - RNG may smile upon you or hate you, but that's the probability Blizzard works to.

Thing is, though Blizzard has published the rates for China, it doesn't nessesarily mean that's what you or I would pull in the UK, the US or elsewhere in the world: the probabilities apparently differ by region... but to what degree remains unknown. It could just be a slight difference that Blizzard is using as a decoy to stop players in the rest of the world knowing the specifics of their drop rates.

China is the first country to make developers share their rates - whether we'll see that as a trend catch on in other regions remains to be seen.

  • I always seem to only get blues that turn out to be dups anyway...
  • Lol what kind of regulation
  • @2,3, hmm.... seems you don't know loads regarding gambling...
  • this is just an appeal. if they gave the real numbers to everybody that shit would hit the fan.
  • Lol what kind of regulation
  • Way too many duplicates in loot boxes.
  • The state also needs this regulation. Via XA Android App
  • I have never played Overwatch. Do you have to or are you able to purchase loot boxes with real money? If so then it would be gambling .
  • @11 yes you can buy loot boxes with real money but you do not have to.
  • This may be accurate during normal game modes, however I think drops are increased during events. During the Uprising event, I earned 9 boxes from the weekly arcade rewards, 1 free box for starting the event & approx 20-22 from level increases. I got 4 legendary skins (beardless torb, Widow, Genji & Reinheardt gold warrior). The rest of the drops though were mostly sprays & voice lines. I think I got Orisas null skin, Hanzo's emote and one other emote or victory highlight.
  • I'm currently level 413, and most weeks I do the 3 extra loot boxes from the brawls etc. I reckon I've had at least 500 loot boxes. I very rarely get a legendary, and can almost guarantee that each loot box I open will have 3 common items and one uncommon item. More often than not, at least 3 of them will now be duplicates. Either Blizzard do it differently for the UK/Europe, or they are not being entirely truthful. Or maybe I'm just very unlucky!
  • @14 I wouldn't even be surprised if the drop rates are tweaked lower for free loot boxes and paid ones give you a higher chance
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