SEGA Outlines Plans to Revive Major IPs

SEGA Outlines Plans to Revive 'Major IPs'

Dom Peppiatt

According to Sega's Road to 2020 presentation - which came as a section of the publisher's 2017 fiscal briefing - the company is looking to revive some of its past IPs.

Sega announced that it plans not only to release new IPs to the market over the next few years, but it also wants to investigate the implications of the 'revival of major IPs'.
Sega has access to a lot of retro fan favourites, too: from the likes of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage to NiGHTS, Ecco the Dolphin and more. Sega's wording in the statement is interesting - what amounts to a 'major' brand for the publisher remains to be seen.
Sega also announced during the presentation that Total War: Warhammer and Persona 5 have done well in the last quarter - the games have amassed up to 10.28 million between them.
Expect more news on Sega's future plans at E3 this year.
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  • Jet Set Radio Sega PLEASE
  • Vanquish please!!!!
  • Dreamcast retro console please.
  • The promise of a new Golden Axe made me click :)
  • Sega had so many great titles back in the day. I bought myself a used one from a flea market with about 50 games and all but half of them weren't sports games haha (not my cup of tea). but the though of remakes or continuations of titles like sonic, golden axe, and shinobi, just to name a few of my favorites, has me drooling!
  • Make Phantasy Star Universe backward compatible and turn the servers back on.
  • Total War, Vanquish, Bayonetta ,Jet Set Radio and Vikings . These all need new games and they all need to be Xbox-Exclusive :p
  • Sequels to Shining Force, Skies of Arcadia (and an HD port), and maybe a new Phantasy Star game. Wouldn't mind seeing PSO2 come stateside, or as Pants wants bring back PSU and it's servers.
  • I would love a new Outrun or Crazy Taxi :)
  • You'd think with Shenmue 3 coming, they'd capitalise on it by re releasing the previous ones...
  • @6 New Sonic games have already been announced quite a while ago. Sonic Mania will be a game that looks and plays like a MegaDrive Sonic game and will drop in a month or two Sonic Forces will be like Sonic Generations and drop in the end of 2017
  • I second Pants - those last online achievements are like a millstone round my neck!
  • would love a golden axe game, but would want it to be an RPG in the likes of the elder scrolls, think that would be awesome.
  • Come on Sakura Wars! I want more or new remakes. This time actually follow through with that "sakura taisen world project".
  • Well heres hoping for - Vanquish port, Shenmue Remaster, Vikings remake, alpha protocol 2, Barnett on Xbox an psn
  • Just start releasing everything in all territories [digital only if you have to.] You don't have to dub them, or do localisation, just subtitle them.
  • @7 I know right? I wasted many hours playing PAY when it got shut down I died inside
  • Why do comments take ages to load all of a sudden on this site when using a mobile
  • Part of me wishes Sega still made consoles just so there'd be more competition. More successful consoles is better for everyone. Glad they found a way to stay alive tho after the Dreamcast failed
  • RPG RPG RPG RPG RPG...Sega needs to bring back some of their awesome RPG games to revive the market to where it used to be.
  • Obsidian retweeted this announcment saying something along the lines of "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" so I hope that means either Alpha Protocol 2 or Obsidian taking up an old Sega IP which would be awesome
  • I want to see Sega purchase and release Streets Of Rage Remake, or just make Streets Of Rage 4 already! Even Golden Axe: The Revenge Of Death Adder would be nice. :)
  • I would love a new streets of rage & vanquish
  • Even a standalone decap attack,loved that game.
  • I'm guessing Segagaga isn't it.
  • Binary Domain 2? That game was so underrated.
  • I'm with Pants on Phantasy Star. The amount of hours I sank into PSO back on the Dreamcast was obscene. I'd love to see them pull out a collection where the entire series was playable I'd also love remakes of Shining Force III and finally get to play the 2nd and 3rd scenarios, same with Shenmue.
  • For the love of god, can we finally get Skies of Arcadia HD?
  • Hell yeah! Bring back Streets of Rage.
  • I'd love a Conflict: Desert Storm/Jungle Strike remake!
  • think how good jet set radio would be if they teamed up with insomniac and made a jet set radio/sunset overdrive crossover :O
  • I'm gonna tell them how its gonna be, theyr gonna make some games for me, I'm gonna play em night and day, my segalove did not fade away..( kinda hyped up for the upcoming stones concert in Arnhem) Hoping for some shining games, Daytona to come back, a remake of the original sega rally, house of the dead and virtua cop would be cool, but I aint getting a Kinect anymore. It suddenly died on me some time ago and ditched it, quitting Kinect for good. Most of all I would love more panzer dragoon.
  • @7. That would be amazing. There isn't a monthly fee that I wouldn't pay to have PSU Up and running again.
  • Where is Pier Solar for AU?????
  • Bayonetta 3 as a multiplaform release please
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