Middle-Earth Shadow of War Delayed Until October

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Delayed Until October

Dean Abdou

WB Games has announced in its community forums that Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will now be released worldwide on October 10th instead of its original August slate. Andy Salisbury states that the release date has been pushed back to ensure the game releases at the highest quality possible.

“As with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Monolith is committed to delivering the highest quality experience,” Salisbury states. “In order to do this, we have made the difficult decision to move our launch date to ensure that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will deliver on that promise.”

The team states that they are working hard to release an amazing game and go on to say that they will be showing more of the game at E3.

For more on Middle-Earth: Shadow of War check out our hands-on preview here.

  • Delayed potentially for Scorpio? Same day release bundled with the console?....
  • Here come the tired "I'd rather wait longer for a good game than play a buggy mess" comments. That's true, but wouldn't it be nice if developers would wait until they have a solid release date before announcing a game? Oh well, still looking forward to the Mithril edition.
  • definitely seems like a move to coincide with Scorpio's release rather than technical issues.
  • @2 Yeah, because developers are the ones who set those release dates...
  • August was perfect for this game, nobody will care about this game in October when the bigger and better games start coming out.
  • I really don't think this decision was made to wait for Scorpio. I think the game just needed more time.
  • @2 Anything can happen in game development. For all we know, the original date was solid, but they ran into trouble that warranted a delay.
  • I think this'll be releasing with Scorpio. It was the first game to announce Scorpio support and games need to be licence'd to Scoprio's October XDK.
  • Def delayed bc of the Scorpio, this is a good indicator for an Oct release for the 4k beast. Not only that, this is a good thing for 2 reasons 1. Scorpio will have at least 1 AAA title on release. 2. Delaying a game can only be a good thing. More time to give us a proper game, and not a half-assed release.
  • @5-If it is as good as the first one then it has plenty ability to go up against any of those games you are talking about.
  • I bet the reason is related to this one: "Hey WB/Monolith, I got this quad SLI 1080ti setup. I expected fluid FPS, but all I got was under 60 FPS in 4K. Why?" Answer: We didn't learn jack fucking shit from Arkham Knight, so we released it with the console version because we believed most gamers still game in 720P instead of 4K, so we did not spent any time or money for those setups. Sorry, but not sorry because we are idiots. Think that answers the delay. :P
  • Only sucks this has to fall in Oct, Nov, Dec. The three months all the games come out...... so damn. looks like I'll be playing Shadow of War GOTY edition in 2018.
  • @1, 8, and 9 They wouldnt delay a game scheduled to release for multiple consoles just so they can launch it alongside the Scorpio... especially when it was already being built for the Scorpio to begin with... Im not saying it won't release WITH the Scorpio... I'm just saying it wasn't delayed BECAUSE of the Scorpio... @2 Developers don't pick their release dates... Publishers do... and they often demand that Developers make those release dates... which is how games get released as a "buggy mess"... really wish people would learn a little about the industry before blindly commenting... "Welcome to the Internet" I guess...
  • @13 thank you! I was trying to avoid writing all of that.
  • @13 developers sometimes agree to a date saying yea we can hit august but then turns out something caused a 2 month delay such as a game mechanic broke 10 other things, or a area/city (in some games levels) will take 2 months to finish take 5 Dates are put to public when either or both the developer/publisher believe they can hit that date
  • @ #13, we're not the only ones thinking it... http://mashable.com/2017/06/01/middle-earth-shadow-of-war-delayed-october-10/#.43uHEE3gmqV
  • Primarily, I think this is ridiculous but that's me. If the game got delayed, it's because a bunch of features they intended for didn't work, they wanted to add something new that would be great, or someone screwed up and didn't do something they were supposed to. The ONLY reason it would have gotten delayed in favor of the Scorpio is if Microsoft threw an incredibly substantial amount of money at WB to do so, in which case they are updating and upgrading the game since they have more resources, and the former case is still relevant. Generally, games don't get delayed to launch for the system; especially if Scorpio will be running current XB1 games (which gosh Microsoft would have to be a fool to go 'NAH ABANDON THE ONE NEW GENERATION' which I'm fairly certain they've said they're not doing; I hope it's got a decent name that isn't, uh ... Scorpio. Or, like, One 2, because that's the kind of creativity i'm expecting at this point) then there'd be no reason to push something to be a 'launch title', since every Xbox One game would be a launch title. Yes, I'm aware that having something shiny and new that's built to work with the system is a cool practice and that it's been done in the past (remember when the One and the PS4 came out and there were about fifty million rereleases of games that had just come out on the 360 and PS3?) but I'm hoping this is not a case of a game being delayed JUST to move a unit. Being built specifically for the system is fine, but anything further than that is excessive and punishing for the players.
  • @5 How exactly did you come to that conclusion? The first released at the same time and won GOTY awards and obviously sold enough to warrant a sequel.
  • 2nd series says hello to first series due to sequel release at same month in history. Cannot wait for this game. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • It could be now that Red Dead is delayed till next year they can release the game at the time they wanted. August may have been a date they didn't want to release but had to to get it out before Rockstar released their title.
  • @ #17 In all honesty, I seriously cannot think of a better name than "Scorpio".
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