Destiny 2s Open-World Environments Are Designed To Be Places You Can Inhabit Says Bungie  Video

Destiny 2’s Open-World Environments Are Designed To Be “Places You Can Inhabit” Says Bungie – Video

Dan Webb

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Destiny 2 is coming later this year and Bungie have been keen to push the message that they’ve been listening to player and fan feedback regarding the original Destiny and put it to good use.

We caught up with Mark Noseworthy recently, Destiny 2’s Project Lead, to talk all things Destiny 2, especially in relation to the game’s open-world environments like the European Dead Zone which will feature in the sequel, an area they’re calling the “largest destination” they’ve ever built, packing it with much more content that the original.

“Certainly, the European Dead Zone is the largest destination we’ve ever built and you know we’re really trying to make the destinations places you can inhabit,” said Noseworthy. “You’re not just going down and doing this one specific thing, you can say, “there’s a landing zone here, I’m going to go down and hang out, I’m gonna do patrols, I’m gonna look for these treasure maps, I’m going to play adventures or I’m going to go in search of these Lost Sectors.””

Noseworthy even went so far as to say that Destiny 2 has the “best PVP” experience Bungie have ever made… which is a pretty big statement from a studio who made Halo 2 and Halo 3. Of course, he would say that though, so you be the judge of whether it is or not.

Destiny 2 is scheduled for a September 8th release. Expect more news on it from E3, which bloody well starts this weekend, doesn’t it!

  • Making snipers and shotguns as heavy drops only and only one player gets the ammo is a huge step back from "best PvP."
  • Better pvp than reach? That was bungie right?
  • @2 yep, their 'swan song' as they loved to call it
  • Did Mark misspeak? He said, "Destiny 2 comes December 8th this year..." at the end of the video
  • Destiny is a game about shooting things, why do they make the game out to be anything more than that... typical PR over-hyping.
  • Cha-Ching. Another check cashed.
  • It may be that they aren't trying to sell us a line so we buy the game since everyone will anyway. It may be that they actually think that this is there best multiplayer yet. When you work on something for months or years at a time you begin to loose perspective on what is good, great, or bad.
  • I never liked he crucible not one bit at all
  • Not falling for it...
  • Well it's not hard to make the best PvP when you've only ever made on shit game. Oh wait, they're trying to pretend they're the same Bungie that made Halo etc.? Er no, those guys left long ago, this Bungie is nothing but the name wrapped round a bunch of people for whom building a game basically just means re-skinning Halo like an amateur mod team then packaging it up for a price point a million times higher than the amount of content in it actually warrants. Do fuck off Bungie wannabies, we don't care if you've bought the brand rights - everyone that mattered in making Bungie great has long departed, more of them are at 343 Studios in fact than at Bungie now.
  • Swear it sounds like he says "December 8th" at the end lol.
  • Smells like fake marketing from Destiny 1. Which was all fake when you go back and look at it.
  • I mean would a company ever say "Well our multiplayer is going to be OK but no where near as good as the first game." Ever company is going to say this year is the best. Lookout any of Ea's sports games they alway talk up that game and next year there like "Yeah we really improved this years games as opposed to last years." I take it for what it is fluff.
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