Microsoft's Xbox Indie Games Montage Is An Ode to The Power Of Small Developers

Microsoft's Xbox Indie Games Montage Is An Ode to The Power Of Small Developers

Dom Peppiatt

Microsoft has always celebrated the status of indie developers in the industry, and even though its presser this year was packed with big games and a few new triple-A titles (and that swanky new Xbox One X), the publisher still made time for the little guy with its indie montage.

The montage included games like Ooblets, The Last Night, Fable Fortune, Raiders of the Broken Planet and many more besides. At the start of the show, Microsoft promised 42 games would be shown on-stage, and the video below was a good way of rounding that number out. 

Take a look at what Microsoft is offering players that have an affectionate side for the indie scene below:

  • PUBG... Black Desert Online... Conan Exiles... My steam library moving onto xbox at last. Ark will likely get the 4k treatment same time the windows store version is released (already used up eight of my nine lives holding my breath on that one). If they are all 4K, think I found my reason for buying the xbox one X.
  • Indie lineup is looking great!! love these small titles!
  • Still no Raging Justice... damn not looking good for that game... Some games look very cool tough
  • @1, Ark was one of they games they confirmed to have retroactive upscaling for X1X. About 3 dozen games will, I'd share a link but I have hundreds of games links in my browser history over the last 24 hours and have no idea where I saw that. It was official though, possibly from Major Nelson.
  • Finally, they show Tacoma again. Been waiting for this game since they first showed it. I can't wait for it
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