Beyond Good & Evil 2 Finally Unveiled With Jawdropping Trailer

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Finally Unveiled With Jawdropping Trailer

Richard Walker

Ubisoft Montpellier has finally lifted the lid on Beyond Good and Evil 2, a prequel story that precedes the birth of the first game's protagonist, Jade. Taking you to System 3, BGE 2 includes an entirely new cast of characters in a vast universe where Hybrid slaves are created in labs.

Promising a "vast and seamless online playground," you can play Beyond Good & Evil 2 solo or with your friends, in what is being described as a spiritual successor to the cult classic", featuring "grandiose decors" and "intense" drama. The game will also be in active development alongside the community as part of the 'Space Monkey Program'.

Take a look at the Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal trailer below, followed by a detailed breakdown of said trailer by creator Michel Ancel. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is happening then, but we've yet to get a release date.

  • Mass Effect: Zoo edition
  • Does look really good. This was probably the best thing to come out of the conference and it's just a trailer. Is it just me or is E3 this year incredibly underwhelming? Nothing from E3 has sent me into full hype mode as of yet. There's been no epic reveals. Just meh. Ubisofts conference would have been a bit better had they not announced what they were going to announce weeks ahead of time.
  • And ubisoft wins E3. Ubisoft, Microsoft, PC, EA,
  • #2 its not just you. 90% of what ive seen since the start of EAs conference just is of no interest to me
  • this got me excited for the first time at this years e3 apart from the Ori 2 reveal that is.
  • @2 100% agreed, it's been the year of just "meh." This trailer was amazing but doubt it's coming out anytime soon. Let's see if Sony breaks the mold or follows suit.
  • If you get excited by cutscenes you haven't learnt how to tell if a game is good. Gameplay is the first step and we've seen none of it.
  • Is that Jade, the rebel leader? This looks nothing like the original game apart from the anthropomorphism, so it might as well have been called something else. Blend of sci-fi and ancient civilizations looks great though.
  • @4 Yeah I imagine some people are pretty hyped by some of the games shown so far, but they just don't do it for me. @6 I'm holding out for Sony and their conferences are usually pretty good. They've got The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man, a potential All Star Battle Royale sequel. There's a lot I'm interested in for PS4
  • Just waiting for Playstation's conference tonight to see how many more exclusives they're gonna get............
  • @#2 I totally agree. There is still Sony that could blow it out of the park. Even if they only showed same games from last year and slapped this year's release date on most of them I'd be happy. Days Gone, TLoU2, God of War, etc. I know it won't happen, but I can dream for few more hours LOL OT:I was really hoping for Splinter Cell or PoP for current gen. Damn you UBI for crushing my dreams another year going=(
  • @8 No, not Jade. This takes place before she's born, although her eyes may suggest they're related.
  • That's longer than the wait for Half -life 3 for those keeping track.
  • I'm still waiting for half life 3 as well Powerless.
  • I don't understand why everyone is cheering. No one bought the game when it came out and didn't they remaster it and it still had low sales? I think the nostalgia goggles are extra thick on this...
  • Oh my. Been waiting for this since I bought the first one on PS2. I'm happy: )
  • Wow. It's only a trailer but, wow. I like the look of the world. I bought the 1st game on xbox before it was cool and the bought the remake. Beat both and loved them each time. This looks different but it's too hard to tell from just the video. I think the only ones that should "win" E3 are the gamers.
  • A beautiful trailer for a game I've long wanted to play, but... A) it's just cinematics, we didn't see any gameplay, and the only concrete thing they told us was that players could sign up to basically help develop it, suggesting it's nowhere near release, B) I hear those worrisome words: "Open World" and I fear that it's just another watch dogs-assassin's creed-far cry-ghost recon:wildlands in space since that's all that Ubisoft seems to be making these days (well, that and weird niche games). Whatever happened to story-driven games, Ubi? and C) it's not a sequel but a prequel and nothing in the trailer suggested any connection to the most unique aspects of the original (you know, the fact that Jade's a reporter not a commando) instead we're apparently going to lead a gang of space pirates, which is cool, but doesn't seem to connect to the spirit of the original.
  • I agree with #18. It felt more like I was watching a movie based on a video game - and not one I want to see! Prequel or sequel... I'd rather it looked more like the game we played on Xbox 360. Oh... they can polish the graphics a bit and have an awesome frame-rate, but keep the general look of the original game. I'm kind of sick of the "prequels" for games, because the developers can't figure out a way to move forward with the characters. This is when they should be creating a new IP, instead of trying to see where the characters in a game might have come from. Do we really want to see: "Beyond Good & Evil: The Phantom Menace??!"
  • Everybody needs to chill out, this games a long way out. I'd be shocked if you got to play it before 2020. Don't forget they showed a CGI trailer for this game back to 2008 as well.
  • How can a prequel technically be called number 2 in a series? Looks good, but I need gameplay before I can be convinced this shares more in common than a name
  • Thought Jade is shown at the end of the video? And did he just say precious metal? Jade is a rock.
  • monkeys and pigs sure do have potty mouths. i guess that makes sense.
  • I don't even care that no gameplay was shown. The fact that this even EXISTS makes me more than happy and I absolutely loved the trailer. Watched it about five times already.
  • Looking forward to giving this a try
  • @2 Maybe to you, but millions of others including myself can't wait for, monster Hunter, Dragon ball z fighter, anthum, Xbox one x, Forza 7, cuphead...finally!!!... state of decay 2 and alot more. So there's def something for everyone.
  • I agree with all those encouraging folks to wait on gameplay, especially since Ubisoft seems intent on giving this pervasive (and likely unnecessary) online functionality. I don't like that none of the original cast is coming back, and I've been burned too many times by the Assassin's Creed franchise to simply trust Ubisoft, though I am happy to see that the game is still alive.
  • looks like a fun game to play I hope there's a single player mode and not just MP mode kind of hard for me to dig up my old friend at the cemetery.
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