Life Is Strange Before the Storm Will Be Between 6 to 9 Hours Long Built in Dedicated Engine

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Will Be Between '6 to 9' Hours Long, Built in Dedicated Engine

Dom Peppiatt

Deck Nine games has confirmed to PlayStation Trophies and Xbox Achievements that the game's three episodes will clock in at around 'six to nine hours' depending on the player, with each episode lasting between two to three hours.

A PR representative for Square Enix has also informed us that the game has been built from the ground up in a brand new engine. Called StoryForge, the new engine has been made specifically for the Before The Storm by Deck Nine games, and directly addresses the animation and graphical issues of the first title in the series. 

During a behind-closed-doors demo, we saw that the game still retained the same style as the original, but the animations certainly looked a lot smoother and the character models had slightly more detail to them, too. The aesthetic with the white outline surrounding interactive elements in the environment remains.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the first of three episodes on 31st August 2017. It'll tell the story of how Chloe and Rachel Amber's relationship developed, before the latter disappeared.

  • Devs always exaggerate how long their games in. Probably be an average of about 5 hours. I'll pass until it's cheap, if I even get it at all.
  • @1: Their estimates are usually for the "full" experience. Investigating everything, talking to everyone, doing every quest, etc. If you go from Point A to Point B, you'll complete it faster (but miss out on half the game). I don't recall what outlet had tweeted it, and I didn't click through to read the article, but I saw a headline to expect 8-10 weeks between episodes as well.
  • @2: 8-10 weeks is far too long. I am over this whole episodic release schedule. I liked how Alan Wake did it with full game releasing at once. I am much more interested in that. I think I will get this first sale after episode 3 and/or bonus episode comes out. That way I will know if the Deluxe edition is needed for completion as well. Whenever I buy Complete Season before E1 comes out I end up just waiting until last episode to complete the rest anyways. So I have learned from my mistakes.
  • @3: I agree. I would like to see 4 weeks at most between episodes, for any episodic game.
  • Yeah ill just wait, it'll prob be on sale before all 3 eps are out. I mean guardians from the galaxy has been on sale after 2 eps. I will wait so I can play thru the whole lot in one hit rather than having to wait between episode's
  • I'll wait til the disc version (hopefully) comes out.
  • 8-10 weeks is waaaaay too long for a 3 episode story. I'm sure the game will be great and I'"" 100% pick it up but waiting six+ months to play it bothers me. Life is Strange also had some delays. I wish they'd just release it all at once and delay the release date 6 months instead.
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