Resident Evil 2 Remake Wont Feature Claire Leon and Ada Voice Actors

Resident Evil 2 Remake Won't Feature Claire, Leon and Ada Voice Actors

Richard Walker

Capcom's Resident Evil 2 Remake won't feature the voice actors known for portraying Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, and will instead be replaced with non-union performers. Alyson Court, who has played Claire six times won't be reprising her role for Resident Evil 2 Remake, due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, which began on 21st October 2016.

"I would have done it, because I know you guys wanted me to, and I really appreciate your support," said Court in the video message below. "I appreciate the outrage you had towards Capcom and everybody involved. But unfortunately, as far as I know they chose to go non-union with the voice performances."

The same goes for Leon voice actor Matt Mercer, who also won't be lending his voice to the Raccoon City cop who finds himself in the midst of a zombie outbreak during his first day on the job. Mercer confirmed via Twitter that he won't be involved and will also be replaced by a non-union voice actor. "Same experience as Alyson regarding this project," he tweeted.

Ada Wong voice actress Courtenay Taylor also won't be carrying out the role she took on as the femme fatale in Resident Evil 6, responding via Twitter, when asked whether she's be returning: "Unfortunately, no. I loved voicing Ada Wong and would happily do it again if a Union project comes around."

Court, Mercer and Taylor aren't the first voice actors failing to reprise their roles in a video game series due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Ashly Burch also recently announced that she won't be returning as Chloe Price in the upcoming Life is Strange: Before the Storm prequel miniseries.

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  • Though disappointed slightly, I still would like to give those new V.A. a chance to see whether they could voice the characters well.
  • hmm
  • Resident evil has changed its characters throughout the games whether it'd be voice or character models that I'm honestly not surprised.
  • That's why you NEVER hire a union to do anything because it will ALWAYS end up taking longer and grossly over budget. Some favor the actors union does its members in NOT getting them work and a shame they can't/won't sidestep it because of all the harassment they'd rrceive
  • But terrible voice acting was part of the charm
  • So long as the voice acting sticks to RE's tried and tested "so awful it's brilliant" vibe, I don't mind.
  • All I wanted is a remaster of RE2 like they did with RE1
  • Is this game even coming to X1?
  • @2 My thoughts exactly. I could probably get used to a new Claire and Ada VA but it's going to be very weird for me not hearing the classic Leon voice. Still, they may hire some good VAs. Time will tell
  • Don't care the slightest, as long as the game comes out soon. Dying to play this again. Last time I played it was on N64!
  • @7... but then this is on the right path, the first remake had different voice actors... In general this should come as no surprise, Capcom have done this to pretty much every game in the series. Always nice to see news crop up about this though, was a tad worried when there was no teaser at E3.
  • @8 Why wouldn't it? There hasn't been a RES game that wasn't on Xbox.
  • @12 there are a lot of resident evils not on the xbox. resident evil 2, resident evil 3, resident evil outbreak 1/2, resident evil dead aim, resident evil gaiden, resident evil chronicles.
  • Screw them and all this SuckAssFTRA strike thing. If they don't want the job there are always someone who wants it that maybe can be better than them. Pick up every single VA that is part of this "We want more money" movement, put them together and wait to see how many games will they be able to develop... Games are made by games developers not VAs, screw them and hire anyone else, and if this other "less famous" VA joins them, then hire another one and so on. Big franchises like RE will perform good no matter what VAs are in it.
  • For me it's a sad news :/
  • I just hope the game plays like the real BioHazard (1, 2, 3, Code Veronica, 0) and not like the garbage that was, and still is, 4.
  • Its a bummer they are not hiring the voice actors ... But if the rest is top notch at least... I still signed the petition and all, i would rather have her in the game.
  • Is it really a choice to go non-union when the union is one strike? Isn't this just them deciding they can't keep waiting and need to get vocals/mocap done to continue to produce the game and have already been waiting 8 months for this strike to end?
  • Not buying that!
  • @14 what's wrong with wanting more money for doing an excellent job? If it wasn't for unions everyone would get paid minimum wage which is hardly enough to get by in most cities. People get paid millions of dollars to play with balls (sports) so why is it you think someone else that works hard shouldn't get a fair salary?
  • @20 Nailed it. We are programmed to hate unions. At least in corporate driven america. Unity & strength scares the 1% I wont be buying this game now.
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