Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Seemingly Outed For Xbox One By Retailer

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Seemingly Outed For Xbox One By Retailer

Richard Walker

With Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy twirling its way onto PlayStation 4 this week, it looks like the zany marsupial could also be heading to Xbox One later in the year. That's if a listing on the site of Hungarian retailer '' is any sort of an indication.

The site has an Xbox One edition of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy available for pre-order, listed with a December release date, meaning the collection, which brings together fully remade and remastered versions of the original Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Wrath of Cortex and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, could be out in time for Christmas.

At present, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, as far as we know, with this retail listing being the first real hint we've had that it could come to Xbox One at all.

With the Crash Bandicoot IP belonging to Activision, it's entirely possible that the collection could eventually find its way to Xbox on the advertised 8th December 2017 date, but until an official announcement is forthcoming, we'll file this one away under 'R for rumour' for now.

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  • Really hope this is true
  • Well I've got this ordered for PS4 but, would love to be able to play it on Xbox instead/as well. I think if confirmed soon Id probably hold off even playing it on the PS4 and just wait for the Xbox One version :D.
  • Why does activision always side with Activision???
  • It was confirmed by sony that it was a timed exclusive
  • @1: Yup, it is. Multiple sources have confirmed it to me earlier this year.
  • @4+5 Shhh, we may have all known for several months but XA has only just found out. Let them have it.
  • Woooo! I can't wait! Love me some Bandicoot.
  • Shopto are processing my order right now. Ill buy again on xboxx. Its like good music, timeless
  • haven't played a bandicoot since the ps1, the member berries from my childhood would be well cool, loved them.
  • Been a LONG time and I'm not sure that I ever played 3. I'd gladly pick this up, it was a fun series.
  • @6: It has never been announced by Sony or Activision to be a timed exclusive, or confirmed for Xbox. There have been some leaks hinting at it, but never someone actually taking orders for it. Hence the news story.
  • @11 Idk, I'd count an official, verified playstation twitter account saying "coming first to PS4 and PS4 Pro" pretty legit.
  • It was confirmed timed exclusive only. More retailers will start to show it off soon.
  • @12: That's still not an admission of it coming to other consoles. You can infer as such, but you can't report it as fact. It's all marketing. The FF7 remake's trailer said "play it first on PS4" as well, but we still can't use that as confirmation it will come to Xbox either. It's a small distinction, but it's important for accuracy.
  • last year's e3 mentioned it will be coming to x1
  • Yeah, people have been saying for months that it was coming to X1. I'll buy for both. PS4 because I'm impatient and for nostalgia, Xbox for achievements and more enjoyment.
  • Sorry Xbox but I'm getting it on PS4, I can't wait that long.
  • I thought this was known, was even told by the rep at the Playstation booth at E3 that this was a timed exclusive
  • Well a times exclusive generally means it will end up on other platforms and I'm sure the money grabbers Activision are it will be on the Xbox at some point
  • So glad I didn't pick this up for PS4! Can't wait to play through these and earn sweet sweet Cheevos!
  • @14 - well XA has reported on rumours as if they were facts then had to report that its false a few times in the past. I'm sure Activision wants to make the most profits so being "exclusive" is not an option for them last years Cod bundle comes to mind
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @21: We always put "rumor" or "report" in the title/body of an article if it is not coming directly from a publisher/developer's press release. If that failed to happen somewhere I apologize and do let me know, I can edit them.
  • Also, hasn't anyone noticed that the included controller skin is for a ps4?
  • @24: That's an ad banner on the side of the page, not part of the listing itself.
  • Boom! You're totally right, thanks
  • A friend of mine who works at GAME often posts pics of the stock that comes in to showoff. Crash lacks the "Only on PlayStation" banner at the top, and we all know how much Sony LOVE showing that off. No Man's Sky, Nier Automata and a few other "PS4 Exclusives" that found their way to PC also lacked this banner. So it's possible it could make its way to Xbox. The LEGO Harry Potter pack lacked it too because it was on 360/Wii etc as 2 games, but Uncharted TNDC had it, despite them being on PS3, so the fact Crash is missing it, even though 1/2/3 were only on PS1 is a good sign.
  • This game was my only small reasoning for getting a PS4. If this is true, not getting a PS4 at all.
  •'s not confirmation, so we can't say for sure. I normally don't trust ads from retailers I never heard of. I'll wait for actual factual confirms for this. In the mean time, I'll get it on PS4. If this does come out on Xbox One, then fantastic. The first 3 games were published by Sony and has some PlayStation easter eggs in them. If these games have those same easter eggs, then it will have to be taken out for the XB1 version. This is good news if it's true. Hopefully there's a Switch version as well.
  • This looks like its from a European site the release date might actually be August 12th
  • #30: How does European site affect the release date?
  • @31 Europe writes their dates backwards compared to US, Europe writes it as DD/MM While US writes it as MM/DD. This means as this is a european website the date will read as 12/August while to the US it reads as December/08.
  • @25 If it wasn't coming to Xbox...there wouldn't of been crash logos & a crash stand at E3. This is old news that should of been covered around the time E3 was going on. Btw the games play great!
  • Hell yeah! Love Crash and will happily play it on any console I can get it on. Xbox just means I get achievements too.
  • #32: European retailers receive release dates in DD/MM format. And, in order to avoid confusion, they get the month written as a word.
  • @30/32 August 12th is a Saturday December 8th is a Friday It'll be out in December likely
  • Hungarians actually write date in a YYYY.MM.DD format. So that's december.
  • I'll be all over this!
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