Someone Has Passed Stallion83s 1.5 Million-Odd Gamerscore

Someone Has Passed Stallion83's 1.5 Million-Odd Gamerscore

Richard Walker

For ages, Stallion83, real name Ray Cox, has been number one in the Xbox Gamerscore stakes. But now, Stallion has recently lost his crown to user smrnov, AKA Stephen Rowe.

Stallion83 was the first player to reach the coveted 1 million Gamerscore, reaching a staggering 1,583,164G to date. Since then, however, Cox has gone and got married and been off on his honeymoon, accounting for the reduced gaming activity of late.

That inactivity seems to have been exactly what smrnov needed to surpass Stallion83's impressive 1.5 million+ Gamerscore, eclipsing it by around 7000G. At time of writing, smrnov's Gamerscore stands at 1,591,160G, but it's not an unassailable lead by any means.

Could Stallion83 return and take back his title as the king of Gamerscore? Or will smrnov continue to reign supreme now that he's passed Cox's score? We'll just have to wait and see.

  • About time congrats to Smirnov, don't like Stallion83
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  • @#2 - Wow, judgemental much? Didn't your mother ever teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I'm on a mission to ban all the toxic trolls, beware.
  • #2 Bye
  • So how many games are multiple versions
  • @3: Nasty trolls, what about only slightly dirty trolls? Like, if I were to tell you Pants keeps emailing me about your stinky feet, would you ban me because you're embarrassed?
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  • So we are still giving props to this cheater?!. Umm if you check halo 3 mythic maps achievements, stallion83 among several all cheated by unlocking all gamerscore for halo 3. They unlocked all achievements prior to dlc release. Just saying. Free xbox gold for life, for using his pc to getgamerscore. What a crock!!
  • Really don't get the big deal just checked his page 6 versions of Minecraft and so on now I'm more quality not quantity so not impressive
  • @1 couldn't agree more. Although my personal favorite is Rand al Thor. Dudes legit AF, will always talk to his fans when he is available. Stallion is a stuck up cheating prick.
  • @2 so your that guy this time. Most of the top scorers have full familly lives if truth be known, take your misguided frankly boring outdated view elsewhere. Im approaching 7 figures in gamerscore myself and ive been happily married for over 15 years and lead a full family life as well as gaming as my hobby. Just takes organsiation and dedication and doesn't require missing out on all any of the other things in life at all.
  • [Comment deleted]
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  • @#6 - I'd be more annoyed at Pants, I asked him to keep those details private =P @#11 - Amen! I met Smrnov at PAX a few years ago, really nice guy who was there with his family - his daughter was in cosplay no less! Genuinely down to earth family man who was a pleasure to talk to.
  • It´s well know by now these guys are GS cheaters. And @2 it´s true. If a guy has a family AND a job it´s impossible to achieve such gamerscore. Also if you play 6 versions of minecraft you deserve no respect at all.
  • nobody with a legit family life can legitimately rack up that kind of Gamerscore, I don't care what anyone says. you can game 24/7 and not get that much Gamerscore. anyone who thinks it's legit is an idiot. oh by the way, let's celebrate obsessive compulsive disorder, here's your trophy.
  • 2 & 3 are both bad comments. I feel 3 is worse though. It stops freedom of speech. So I have decided @3 should apologize. Who do you guys think should say they are sorry?
  • @17 I can't see 2's comment so how can I judge?
  • My guess is multiple people playing on one gamer tag .
  • @9 thats how it works. People wanna brag on their high score but they will jave the same game 5 times and every game that can be maxxed in a matter of a few I've got over 100k and I personally played a few games bltgat were super easy but they were rentals when I had gamefly. Hell I only play what ibwant to now and still manage to do alright on score so I also don't give a shit about someone's gamerscore when it's loaded down solely for bragging rights.
  • @#17 - You know freedom of speech doesn't exist on a privately owned site, right? If you're a dick, you get banned. Simple as.
  • Wow dictatorship is in the air...
  • @#22 - This isn't politics, ha. If someone came in your house and stood on the couch with his shoes on, would you just let him do that? If someone came into your house and started calling you a dick, would you just let him because, you know, freedom of speech? That's not how it works, heh.
  • @8 is a stupid kid that lied about the Halo 3 stuff. Go check the facts before you run your mouth about cheating.
  • You can legitimately get those scores. I dont know why people think he cheats to get that high. If i wanted i could easily get 25k to 50k a month if i planned it out. However, having a full time job and a family it would be impossible. I would have to not have a job or family to do it though.
  • Well done sir !!!! Love this web site the two highest gamerscore people in the world getting slagged of on a gamerscore web site HAHAHAHAHA, sounds like you are all jealous to me. Grow up ! I am approaching 400,000 gamerscore have a full time job for 13 years and great personal life it is possible you ever thought that like us this is their hobby they just don't spend 10 months playing call of duty
  • @#23 Must be really slow day down in the office if THE MAN himself graces us with multiple replies in same news post LOL Speaking of GS, maybe it's about time to update this outdated site to actually allow one and all to show off their GS? I mean I don't even care about GS as much as I used to, but seeings some posters with outdated cards (eg, myself) or no cards at all is super annoying DAN!!!!!!
  • Congrats to smrnov. Personally I'm way more into completion percentage than overall gamerscore these days. I also try my best to only complete games I really really want to play. I can't resist the occasional bargain deal for a 2-4 hour completion game though.
  • @#27 - Can you tell that E3 is over and the quiet period is fast approaching? =P But yeah, I know, dude, we have a fix in the works now. I don't want to put a date on it, but it'll be sooner rather than later, for sure. We've been working on getting the site on HTTPS for the last few months, but that's done now, so we can move on with some of the other more pressing issues. It'll be worth it when it drops, I promise =)
  • "I play "what I want" so I'm better than you. I don't play games I deem below my higher status in life so I'm better than you. I would never play multiple versions of a game for reasons!" Yeah, because someone is putting a gun to my head, forcing me to play everything from FEAR 2 to My Horse and Me 2. Some people need to get over themselves. Why all the negativity and judgment? Anyway, I could never really get into gamerscore itself but, hey, I recognize how much of an achievement (*snicker* get it?) this is. Congrats to smrnov!
  • Well I personally think multiple versions of the same game shouldn't count. Playing the same game 5-6 times takes no skill. I enjoy getting achs but at the end of the day if you have enough time and money and various regions of 360's anyone can have a huge gamerscore. There are literally hundreds of easy indie games on the x1. I'd rather keep my completion percentage high. 1 of my friends has over 120k Ga more than me but has played nearly 2500 games and I haven't played 1000 yet so who has more gaming skill?
  • And I sit here with my 250K gamerscore.......
  • @31: Yeah, but that's how the system works. If you have 5000 gamerscore in five games while I have 5000 gamerscore in five versions of the same game, they're both just as valid. Why split hairs and waft an air of superiority over the fun?
  • Who posted #2? Wondering if a certain someone is getting the hint to calm their 15 year-old "I know everything" act down
  • @#29 Fair enough, I just hope it will come sooner rather than later. It's been ages since it all went to shit, so I am glad you will be focusing on it next, I just hope it doesn't take another year to implement. Good luck with that too and keep up the good work guys!
  • @17, freedom of speach does not equal freedom of consequence.
  • @34 Most of the deleted comments were TrueAssassin86 or whatever his acct is.
  • They must've played some easy and bad games over the years. I currently have 112,940 points and all games I play are completed or am working on it. I started Xbox around the beginning of 2011 and let me tell u there were some very annoying games to complete as well (MK 9 I'm looking at u), but did them all either legit by myself or holding a boosting session to help me and those who need it as well. It has been a very fun ride for me even though I played some games I didn't like, but all games I play will be completed with DLC included.
  • @37 It's not surprising. He's a troll everywhere. I knew immediately who the user was when it was deleted. Same thing happened all the time on the sister site. Anyway, having a GS score that large takes some dedicated gaming. Sheesh. Salute to those top dawgs.
  • Freedom of speech is an illusion. Will always be somebody who will be offended by something, especially in today's over sensitive society.
  • Checked at Stallion's games list, no Dark Souls...!
  • @38 no offense but I also started in 2011, my score is 124633 and I consider myself a complete slacker because I own exactly 360 games on my XBone... haven't touched 10% of them.
  • @38 why would you play games that you don't like? Serious question.
  • @42 More than 10% **** facepalm
  • Why are so many people on an achievement site complaining about people on achievement sites?
  • Thanks to those with the positive comments. @Webb I still remember that PAX too, thanks for hosting the event!
  • I agree with the above quality over quantity, but at the end of the day that's the fun with achievements, you can play how you want to.
  • I messaged that Stallion83 guy on Xbox Live about 6 or 7 years ago. He actually responded and was nice... but shmaybe I caught him on a good day or good mood. I've played a few games for an easy 1000gs - including that "Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth" on Xbox 360. That was the dumbest excuse of a game, and for an easy 1000gs. I only did it, because I was in competition with a friend who had about the same amount of GS as me (11 years ago). We went back and forth for months... then I played a bunch of games that weren't too hard that I actually wanted to play (as well as the Avatar:TLA:TBE, for the easy 1000gs)... and passed my friend's score by over 3000gs, and he sort of quit trying (which kind of sucked, as I liked the competition). I have over 50k on him now, but I don't care about the GS anymore, so much as playing the games... AND trying to get 100% completion when possible. I miss the old days of JUST playing for fun! I can't wait to play some original Xbox games on Xbox One. No gamerscore (unless they find a way to make that happen)... just fun playing the games (much like on my Dreamcast). I do wish MS would bring back Xbox Live for the original Xbox games - especially if the games/developer would support it (even if it ONLY worked on Xbox One, and not on the original Xbox)!
  • [Comment deleted]
  • #8 what's ur prob, how is getting gs on PC cheating?!?!
  • Congrats to smrnov! Looking forward to moving forward, Webb!
  • Congrats to Smrnov! Both you and Stallion have always seemed like quality guys. Keep it up.
  • You know for a community and website about achievements there sure are a lot of people in these comments attacking other people for having achievements and high GS. Comes off as a desperate attempt for attention. Both of these guys are class acts and have dedicated themselves to something they enjoy. I quit going for GS because I lost the joy in it but I respect the game and the dedication 100%. Been following both these guys for years now and I've been waiting for this day. Don't think it'll hold long, though! Stallion will be back on top within the next couple months.
  • Honestly what a bunch of idiots. His fucking job IS gaming. And he only got married a cpl of weeks ago.
  • @3. Good for you Webb. This is my favorite site and has been for years but all the forums and specifically the comments sections have turned into is chronic toxic negativity about everything. It's depressing. Also, people don't understand freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right in the US constitution that protects citizens from the government. There are always limits to freedom of speech. If I went to work and called the guy next to me a racial slur I'd be fired on the spot. I wouldn't be jailed but I would have consequences for my words. Simple as that.
  • I believe that someone is losing and it is prolly himself and his family on quality time together. Between 2005-2010 I gained 100,000 Gamerscore. Between 2010 and 2015 I gained another 100,000 gamerscore. Since 2015-2017 Ive done like 12,000. In 2013 I got married and in 2014 I had a little girl. In 2013 I became the Store Manger of two Gamestop Stores and now I run a high volume one. I have almost no time for gaming. There is no way this guy is not missing out on vaulable time that he will regret one day. Hell I regret some nights of gaming (some), I always think I could of done something with the whole family. Idk, must not bother him. I did want to mention that comparing someone talking on a forum verses someone randomly breaking into my home and standing on my couch are two completely different things. Just saying.
  • #3 Your site doesn't even work. lol Fix your shit before you compare it to a house......
  • Well I gotta say I was pretty proud of myself for hitting 69,000 even last week.
  • Have met both and couldn't say that both are extremely nice people. Have also met Webb as well but I doubt he remembers hah. It is very doable to do what they do, you just have to know what you're doing and manage your time wisely and efficiently. Everyone who says it isn't possible or claims one is a cheater is an idiot. I put up a fair amount of points last year with minimal effort in the summer and around the holidays because I was watching baseball everyday and during the holidays I was just exhausted from putting in extra time at work. It's not hard to do. I honestly probably could have doubled it if I wasn't so lazy.
  • @24.. fact check check his gamercard and look at dates of second mythic map packs. he and many others unlocked them early, i know this because i was pissed when i discovered it..
  • @50 boosting all achievements on a pc is what i meant. i should of explained further. my bad.. halo 3 mythic maps #2 achievements were unlocked by him before they were released to public. he attained all achievements before the map packs were available!! check the dates!! he and many others boosted their scores using a hack tool on pc!! sorry to sound like a kid.
  • halo 3 mythic map #2 release date: Stalion83's profile: clearly all unlocked in 2009 and it released 2010. thanks non believer's!!
  • #31 agreed and i couldn't agree more about the cheaply hacked together indie games plus games for easy gs and don't feel good about the game it shouldn't be counted. Games are ment for fun gs is a byproduct
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @62 ummmmm then why did i unlock all the achievements in 2009 and according to the all achievement sites their guides were even up in 2009. Oh yeah thats right cause that map pack was release in 2 pieces one in 2009 and the other with ODST in 2009 aswell. The 2nd piece without odst was released as standalone dlc in 2010 but was laready obtainable in 2009 with odst. Im not a fan of stallion myself but come on man fact check lol
  • @65 Yep! There's PLENTY of other people that unlocked the achievements for that in Sept of 2009 and weren't "hacking" lmao
  • Didn't Stallion propose to his girlfriend with a custom controller asking her to marry him? Imagine how embarassing that would be for her to tell her girlfriends about. "Oh Sarah, how did John propose to you?" "He hired a skywriter and wrote it across the sky." "Ashley, what did Rob do?" "He took me on a romatic getaway to Italy and popped the question right there on the balcony of our hotel, with a beautiful view of the Tuscan vineyards." "What about you? How did Ray propose?" "Oh he sent me a custom Xbox controller with the words 'Will you marry me?' on it..." "Oh, okay..."
  • Congrats smrnov wish I had that kind of gs nearly 94k myself :(
  • Gamerscore arguments. I don't personally care about who's the top dog or how they got there. Unless they cheat, which is bad sportsmanship from them. Doesn't have and affect on me one bit. I have played and completed mostly easy games for my Gamerscore and that just leaves hard games. Which is what I'll soon be doing.
  • You guys are talking about how you like to complete your games rather than get quick gamerscore but if you actually looked into smrnov, he has the most completed xbox one games in the world. ANd a lot of them are far from short.
  • This has to be the most active front page story in ages. Good to see all the activity and Webb posts.
  • Seriously don't these people have anything better to do? The time and money it takes to get that much gamerscore is ridiculous.
  • @63: No, Mr High And Mighty. Achievements are a lot of the fun for me. I had begun to game very little when I got my Xbox 360. That was in 2009. Now I game all the time and have over 23k achievements. It's so fun!
  • This comment section is fucking cancer. To the people saying "get a life". You have no idea how much work and patience is needed to get that much gamerscore.
  • @74: That doesn't help your argument at all. These people barely have lives outside of gaming. All that work and patience has been towards gaming instead of actual real life. All that time every day that wasn't spend with friends and family. I can guarantee you they will be regretting on their deathbed.
  • @74 All I can say is, It's some jealous mofo's in this bitch. I'll never get how they think playing certain games, makes them better than someone else. Who's stupid enough to believe you have to play a certain way, to be considered "a true gamer?" It's mind boggling to me, how some people think their way is the mark of a "true gamer"... No, It's not that way at all. They are looking at others way of gaming and forcing their ideals on others. So what if a person has multiples of the same game. People grind tough achievements in games, which reqire just as much repitition, as doing multiples of some games. What about playing yearly released sports games and shooters?... that's repitition. Who gives a shit what others play? As long as you game the way you want to game, shouldn't that be enough? I see cheater being thrown around a lot.. seriously.. one of the most visible and high profile tags out there cheating..:/ Microsoft would have shut him down AGES ago. Stallion has way too much invested on his tag, to do stupid shyt like that. As others have eluded to, getting 7 digit scores can be done on a larger scale than you think. Of course it takes dedication! Even us normal GS achievers, spend ungodly amounts of time on our games. Some people are just more efficient than others. You dont have to neglect your family to get a high score. It would be foolish though to not realize the extra time they have to put in though. In 06 I had a friend who had a score of 26,000 to my 3000. Today that points spread is over 350k and I game nearly every day. Whats the difference spending 1500 hours on a game vs, playing 70 or so various games? Nothing really, because we ALL spend insane amounts of time on our games reagardless. For fucks sake man, just do you and be happy with that! This comments section is mental. (sorry for any typos. my keybord sucks and im tired)
  • And I think I'm good with my just over 30k lol
  • @75 That's life though. You could make that argument for any job or hobby. It all boils down to what you do with the quality time you do have toghether.
  • @75 That could be said about any hobby. Who are you to say they wasted their time? They could also be gaming with friends and family. So, how can you guarantee what their regrets will be?
  • @41 He has all 3 on his tag, he's really only played DS3 though as he only has a couple achievements on 1 & 2. Even if he hadn't played them what's your point?
  • @76 HALLELOO! I couldn't have said it better myself :) Seriously though, I really don't get how some people in the comments have the audacity to make assumptions about people they don't know and how they live their lives. Whether or not the people at the top spend ample time with their friends/family is their own concern and not for anyone one else on here to be worried about. Forget everyone else and what they're doing. Just focus on your own achievements, life and Xbox-wise! @smrnov Congratulations and enjoy your view from the top, good sir! :)
  • it all depends on who lives longer. if one of them dies before the other, the other can just get more Gamerscore and pass the dead guys number one position.
  • Wow...all this over a gamer sore that actually means nothing in real like. Sure its great to have gotten that high of a score. But it does not hurt anyone else that this guy has such a high score. Cheers to you mate for a high score. And to the rest don't take such a thing so seriously. Life is too short to let this bother you.
  • @62 You are severely delusional and should probably get your facts straight before you make a fool out of yourself next time.
  • @#46 - My pleasure, good sir. Congrats on your accomplishments, hope you and the family are well =) @#47 - Spot on Kazz, couldn't have said it better myself. @#55 - Yeah, we've been talking about that recently and we've got a bit of an action plan in place to get rid of some of the trolls. That started last week and will continue to be an active issue we're constantly looking at from here on out.
  • Why didn't anyone tell me the front page is where it's at? Seems to be more discussion here, than in the forums. Happy 4th my American brothers and sisters.
  • It's kind of sad to be a part of an achievement hunting community that flames our best achievement hunter, who even dropped by to show thanks. You should be ashamed calling yourselves members here.
  • Well, it doesn't matter who has the highest gamerscore in the world. It has no effect on me and my own little world.
  • Late to the thread, but congratulations to the new top dog!
  • @62 It's almost like, he might of bought ODST! Crazy stuff. Impressive number. I've never competed for gamerscore, I just like the satisfaction of 1000G (likewise with PSN Platinums). Not even sure how to link my account, but I'm hovering just under 140k after 10 years. 1.5 million is... damn, nice.
  • celtic force>stallion>smrnov
  • All these excuses like: He has no life, he stacks multiple versions of the same game, ... So you want to say that you could be able to do this yourself as well if you weren't a better person then them by chosing social life or some kind of weird E-bushido over going for the highest GS? Newsflash: No you wouldn't!
  • Interesting. By the way, is there a way I could make my own posts? Or is it just the actual XBA people?
  • I see a lot of NO LIFE comments Maybe this is how he chooses this enjoy HIS life, not the way YOU want him to. Cheers to him if that matters and that's what he enjoys.
  • nice
  • 1.5! And here I was thinking I was impressive with my measly 120K GS, haha! Bravo to smrnov!
  • FUCK YOU WEBB! Ban me! This site sucks anyway! Stallion Cheated.
  • Wow I never knew this was something people tried to achieve or did. Seems I'm not the only one that wants all da achievements.
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