DOOM Free Weekend Coming to Xbox One, Update 6.66 To Make DLC Free To All

DOOM Free Weekend Coming to Xbox One, Update 6.66 To Make DLC Free To All

Richard Walker

This weekend, DOOM will be available to play for free on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold members, alongside a '6.66 update' that will make all DLC available to everyone, which is nice. The DOOM free weekend on Xbox One will include two levels of the Arcade mode in which you can attempt to rack up a high score, and other treats to boot.

You'll be given unlimited access to multiplayer too, so you can test your gun-toting DOOM skills against other players online, while SnapMap will also be wide open to sample, enabling you to create your very own maps using the game's powerful tools.

As for DOOM's upcoming 6.66 update, not only will it make DLC free for to all players, granting access to three bonus MP weapons, nine more maps, three extra playable demons and new armour sets, but it also adds a new multiplayer progression system and an array of UI and game information improvements, as well as various fixes and tweaks.

The DOOM free weekend gets underway from 9am PDT on 20th July and runs until 9pm PDT on 24th July, with the game also discounted to a trifling $14.99/£11.99, should you decide to purchase the full version once the free trial period has expired. That's a Hell of a deal. Check out our DOOM review here.

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Though I didn't buy the dlc for this, surely the people that did are gunna be pissed?! Like, how does this work. They get a refund or something?
  • Well this will surely bring me back to the MP if all the dlc will be free.
  • Is the DLC free permanently, or just over the free weekend?
  • At that price point, I'm in. Was tempted by the $20 physical copy in Gamestop, but this just seals it. In for one!
  • excellent I'll dust my copy off
  • @3 Well, it says the update is whats making the dlc free, no the free weekend, so id assume it's permenant.
  • #1, no refund #3, free permanently after the update. This is the best news, it was on deal a wee while back and i passed on it now its even better.
  • what the fuck? Not only was this DLC trash but it was $40 and probably the straw that broke the camel's back over the season passes I buy from now on. Great for the people that have it and never bought the pass but a MAJOR dick move to everyone that did support the game early on
  • if they'd announced before the game came out that the DLC was essentially just going to be timed id be less pisssd off right now, but to just make it free out of the blue after some of its only been out less than a year is a bit dissapointing
  • Wow, I was actually waiting all this time for the season pass to go on sale but looks like I won't need to anymore. This is fantastic news! Sucks for those who did brought all the DLC though, I do agree that its very stupid when gaming companies do this which is why I rarely get DLC from the get go anymore.
  • From the Bethesda FAQ: Is all the DLC free with Update 6.66? Yes, the multiplayer DLC is now bundled into the core DOOM game for free, producing the definitive DOOM experience. All of the DLC maps, weapons, armor sets and demons will be available for all players to enjoy.
  • This is a good thing.
  • So glad I waited
  • Held off on this so now I can jump on in a day or two and fire out some of the DLC. Monster size patch though at 58.62Gb
  • This is why I no longer buy dlc until it is heavily discounted. Yay me for waiting!
  • No refunds coming....Can't say I'm upset, as I knew what I was getting with my purchase, but this just serves as yet another reminder to wait from now on.
  • This is cool to hear. I was waiting for the deluxe edition to drop in price. I assume the online was dead for the DLC maps. All maps should be free it breaks the multiplayer player base up too much. I feel for the guys who bought the season pass. I ran into the same problem when I bought the season pass for Titanfall.
  • @15 Exactly! I waited months and months and months before they got Dead Rising 3 Ultra Mega Hyper Alpha et cetera DLC for 5$.... It was 10$ for a long time.
  • The timing on this update is impeccable. I was ready to publish the SnapMap for the 1000 G and clear it off my hard drive, they took down the servers just as I was going to post it, so I close off the game and go to the gym. When I come back I see this update, guess I'm keeping it now.
  • Well, this is great news for me. But, I can't help but feel bad for those that bought the Season Pass at full price. Ouch. I love this game though and am glad I never uninstalled it off my hardrive.
  • Geez... I *TOTALLY* forgot that I bought this game! I got the collector's edition for a song, and put the whole thing on the shelf (in the other room with my other collectibles, not in the living room)... and forgot the game is still in the box! Wow, this news is such great news, not to mention the reminder I own this game. It's so funny... a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me if I had this game, and I told him, "no!" Now I feel silly I forgot, but I'll have to go get the game out and play it (especially since I completed that grind of a game that is "Fallout Shelter").
  • lol "play for free" but then it's only available for Xbox Live Gold members.... so that makes me wondering what is ur definiton of the word "free" mr. Richard Walker?
  • This is bullshit, these cunts are making the DLC free, they just put the season pass on SALE a few months ago, are you fucking kidding me.
  • This game is over a year old so basically it is like a GOTY or ultimate edition. Why should early adopters feel cheated about this? It happens with every game does it not?
  • @24 I think the grievance here is that it's being handed out totally free. With a GOTY edition, you're still paying a mark up on the price of the game compared to the then heavily reduced standard version. So as small as it might be, there's still a difference, and people are still paying to access the DLC. I can totally see why people may be upset here. The DLC for this game was trash, and very expensive.
  • My disc copy of DOOM won't even launch, WTF?
  • #26 did you do the 60gb update?
  • @27- No, my console is showing no sign of an available update to download and the update isn't showing up in my recently installed list. I'm just going to reinstall my physical copy and update it tomorrow and see what happens. Failing that, I'll contact Microsoft Support Chat.
  • Bought this on disc a while ago around the same price point. Fantastic single player IMO. Was never that bothered about the multiplayer so luckily avoided buying any DLC. I would have recommended the game anyway so the free DLC for anyone now is just a bonus.
  • How do I download the full game? I have the choice between the full game (for 15 euro) or the demo. Which is only one level and nothing more.....
  • It's only available from 9am PDT. You can search google for pdt time and see when it's actually available. Still over four hours to go from the time of writing.
  • Can't be worse than the gears 4 season pass....
  • I thought you could play the entire campaign with this free weekend, like many others before. I remember I was able to finish Halo 5 campaign in its free weekend, but apparently that's not the case here. Only two missions or levels are available. What a shame.
  • So are we able to get achievements thru this free to play weekend?
  • I didn't get any, but I noticed I had some progress tracked on a few of them, so I assume you can.
  • Is it free just for the USA because the game is not free to play this weekend for UK?
  • Is the DLC free with the disk? I have been told I need to buy the digital copy.
  • I can'tsee this is free in my region.. is this US only?
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