How Agents of Mayhem is a Whole Different Beast to Saints Row - Video Interview

How Agents of Mayhem is a Whole Different Beast to Saints Row - Video Interview

Richard Walker

As a Saints Row spin-off, complete with that specific shade of purple and the fleur de lys logo draped all over it, Agents of Mayhem is inevitably going to be compared to its open-world granddaddy. But as a team-based single-player third-person shooter, it's actually an entirely different prospect.

Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, 80s TV shows and classic comic books, Agents of Mayhem promises to be a riotous shot of action-packed madness, all explosions, bullets flying and one-liners. There are hidden depths behind the brash exterior, however, which is just one of the things we discuss with Volition in the interview below.

Sitting down to chat about all things Mayhem with Principal Designer Thaddeus Sasser, we talk more about the game's character switching and the strategies it promotes, the light RPG elements under the hood, why there's no co-op mode, how it differs from Saints Row and more.

Agents of Mayhem is out on 15th August in North America and 18th August in Europe.

  • This game killed any interest for me with the lack of co-op. Some of my favorite Xbox Live memories come from Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 4 co-op.
  • i hope they'll bring all the saints row backward compatible soon
  • @2 Agree. I have a German SR3 on my shelf waiting to be stacked.
  • @1 i feel same way, i was looking forward to coop fun with this and was gonna get it day one with a friend. then we learned it has no coop and lost interest. im sure its a fun game still but now im just gonna wait until the game is cheap
  • I'm opposite of others here. I might be picking it up now because it is single player only. I like a game that is single player focused and doesn't have to cater to a co-op or multiplayer experience. Don't get me wrong, I love those things, but I equally enjoy a pure single player experience. When a game tacks on co-op just for the sake of having co-op, it can sometimes be detrimental as well.
  • @5: I like single player focused games too, but coop was never detrimental in Saints Row. It always increased the fun having a buddy at your side with how crazy those games got.
  • No co-op, really shit sci-fi. Wow, it's like they took everything good in Saints Row and threw it away leaving nothing but the crap and are trying now to sell it as a game. Good luck with that, this will flop. Should've gone the other way, deleted the sci-fi crap and made SR good again as in Saints Row 2. What a phenomenal waste of manpower and money this drivel is. A poor man's Crackdown.
  • the open world of this game looks cool but i'm afraid i'll get quickly tired with all those futuristic ligthings and it looks a bit repetitive. I may buy it but not day one...
  • @7 Id take this over crackdown anyday. 8v always found crackdown to be souless and boring. Saints row always has that humor and is fun
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