Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Xbox One Rumour Mill Fires Up Again With UI Video

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Xbox One Rumour Mill Fires Up Again With UI Video

Richard Walker

Having been listed on the sites of several retailers, the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Xbox One rumour mill has once again sparked into action, following a new video finding its way online, in which you can clearly see Xbox One button prompts on the user interface.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is thought to be a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4 (coming to PS4 and PS4 Pro first), so it ought to be only a matter of time before the collection, which includes Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Wrath of Cortex and Crash Bandicoot: Warped, appears on Xbox One.

However, an official announcement confirming Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy for Xbox One still isn't forthcoming from Activision, and until then, this kind of stuff can only be treated as rumour for the time being. Take a look at the Xbox UI video below.

[Thanks, mmartynn]

  • I really hope this comes to xbox.
  • Me too, don't really wanna fork out £200 just to play one game.
  • "Woah"
  • nice been waiting for this.....what about Crash Team Racing tho?
  • I hope it isn't as difficult as the ppl on PS4 claim, because I don't want to experience frustration with my favorite PS1 character. @4 - - - > It's just remastering the original trilogy. No spin-off remastering. (Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, etc.) Unofficial XboxAchievements Android App
  • The best thing about this is the 1000's of Sony fan boys who flocked to comment sections all over the internet when this got announced to mock xbox users like... "LOL so what if its made by Activision naughty dog made these games! It will never come to xbox!" I can now taste their tears...and it tastes so good.
  • Possibly leaked by a Beta Tester? Or a well executed hoax by someone with too much time? Oy time (or ratings board leaks) will tell.
  • #7 this was originally posted by the UI designer from vicarious visions, but it was quickly taken down. the video posted rn in the news article is a re-upload
  • Maybe it could point to a PC port instead? Im only thinking this since most PC games with pad support use Xinput. But im still hoping that it does come to Xbox. @5 Its just the same games with better graphics. Itll be as hard as it ever was
  • Playing on ps4 will play on xbone too classic
  • @5&9 It's more difficult because the designers said when making the remaster, they made it so Crash falls faster in the remasters than he did in the original version.
  • Hope it is. I remember seeing the console war comments on youtube such as "Crash trilogy to PS4. RIP Xbone" and stuff like lol. What will they say now?
  • @6, @12 Who cares what a bunch of 16 year old kids say on the internet? Console wars are probably the dumbest thing to ever exist.
  • Tbf Xbox have smashed Sony out the park with the back compat stuff this year, Crash was the only think keeping Sony in the 8th gen 'war' but if it goes, then well....
  • A huge yes! With a XBLA port of Crash Bash and CTR too.
  • @14 Xbox has back-comp, but lets be honest, Sony has much, MUCH better exclusives, even without Crash.
  • @14 @16 is right. I love Xbox through and through, but they are SEVERELY lacking on the exclusives right now compared to PS4 I am REALLY hoping Crash comes to Xbox. I have it on PS4, but it doesnt get much love, cause I just dont care to turn my PS4 on half the time. If this comes to Xbox, it will get all the love it deserves.
  • I have a PS4, but have been holding off on grabbing this since the first rumour awhile ago. I love my Xboxes.
  • @5 and all for those wondering. Its not a Graphical overlay Remastered. The Original Source Code has been lost and the Team had to Rebuild all 3 Games from Scratch. This is the reasoning for the increased challenge as hit boxes are no longer the same as the original games.
  • It's definitely more challenging than the original. Take it from someone who plays on both consoles. Vicarious Visions did make it from the ground up and made it harder but it's mainly those hit boxes. That's what kept getting me. So, if it does come to Xbox, good luck. Some of you will need it.
  • @14 "Xbox have smashed Sony out the park with the back compat stuff this year". LOL. that's hilarious. no one bought a one for backwards compatibility, that's why the 360 exists. I love the rational that people want old games. a very small niche want old games, the huge majority want new games and that's where sony is giving MS a severe beatdown. I still own a 360, so what's the point of backwards compatibility? ALL and I mean ALL 360 games are backwards compatible on my 360, not just whatever the devs/pubs decide to give us. if you don't get the sarcasm in that last line, then I feel sorry for you.
  • Xbox One has much better exclusives than PS4. The Orange Box, Fallout 3, Master Chief Collection, Street Fighter IV and so many more. These are just a few of the legendary titles exclusive to Xbox One in this generation of consoles. If old games don't matter, than why is Crash Bandicoot causing such a stir.
  • @22 WTF you talking about? Are you serious with that comment? WOW!!!! Anyway, I'm surprised no Pony has yet to comment saying Microsoft photo shopped the buttons like they say Sony did with Anthem (Which Sony obviously did)!
  • I say fake since the RB button looks wrong.
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