ARK: Survival Evolved Launch Trailer Features Sharks, Crocs, Dinos and Thrown Otters

ARK: Survival Evolved Launch Trailer Features Sharks, Crocs, Dinos and Thrown Otters

Richard Walker

Studio Wildcard has released the launch trailer for ARK: Survival Evolved, ahead of the game's full launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next week, digitally and at retail. The game's full release will mark two years since the prehistoric survival game first entered early access/Game Preview.

Since then, millions of players have had countless fights, tamed dinosaurs, crafted weapons, eaten "billions of pounds" of berries and constructed an array of huge bases. Once ARK: Survival Evolved releases in full, however, this won't be the end for the game, with many more updates planned for ARK's "next phase".

"ARK is going to become even more fun with surprise new content at launch and beyond, as we continue to have a behemoth amount of additional gameplay, creatures, and story elements in the works," says Studio Wildcard in the launch trailer blurb. "The adventure has only begun!"

ARK: Survival Evolved releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 29th August 2017. Check out the launch trailer below for a look at some sharks, crocodiles, bird mounts and even otters that you can chuck about.

  • The game is okay. Played it with friends for a bit, but everyone got pissed when the servers got wiped and moved on. I may be stupid for buying the dlc Scorched Earth Game Preview, but whatever. What I don't get is why is this going to have a season pass? Do I get a discount on it since I own SE? Other than that I'll alternate between this and Conan. Unofficial XboxAchievements Android App
  • This is a great game, but a lot of what they show is hours of grinding for material before you get to the point where you have guns, high tech armor, etc. Its worth it, but it does take time. Highly anticipating this full release. But it comes out a week before Destiny 2 launches, meaning it wont get as much attention as I want to give it. It'll be there when I get my fill of Destiny 2 though!
  • Also @1, I doubt there will be a discount for current early access A:SE game owners unfortunately. Maybe extra goodies, but def no discounts
  • If this is actually coming out next week, I'll pick it up with Mario+Rabbids. Been waiting for this disc release of this game for years.
  • I have over 250 Days played on this game and it's nowhere near ready for release. The game is broken glitchy cheater mess.
  • Every time they show a trailer for this game I think "MAN! That looks like fun" then I go to play it and remember that to have any of the gear or fun they show, you need to GRIND FOR HOURS. So I move on with my life.
  • @5 I've actually given up on it. It's become clear that Wildcard are more concerned with getting it out the door already than actually address the real issues. Sure, just add ANOTHER dino that despawns 30 mins after taming and ignore the crippling issues. Was hoping Conan would kill this dead, but that crap can't even load without crashing.
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