Telltales The Walking Dead S1 S2 and Michonne Now Backward Compatible

Telltale's The Walking Dead S1, S2, and Michonne Now Backward Compatible

Alan Pettit

Microsoft has added three new games to the Backward Compatibility program today. All three of Telltale's Walking Dead series are now playable on Xbox One. This includes the first two seasons and the Michonne mini-series. All of these have native Xbox One versions as well, but those who started on Xbox 360 and never finished will have an easy avenue to do so now. And of course this will make it easier to stack them for extra Gamerscore. Download links are available below as always.

There are now 412 games on the BC program. See them all here.

  • And still no MGS 2/3 HD! Everyone go vote for it~
  • Michonne is showing episode 1 as free for me.
  • Ugh.. never mind that is the trial...
  • #1 wants MG HD backwards compat! So everyone go vote for it so he gets what he wants!
  • +1 for MGS HD to go BC.
  • Still no Sonic Adventure 1-2, Generations, Unleashed and no Dust En Elysian Tail...ugh and I voted on all of those a Long time ago...
  • well doesnt bc all depend on licensing laws and developers agreeing to it? so the vote system is completely pointless.
  • @7 - correct but I guess it shows Microsoft an other publishers there is an interest
  • @7 The vote system will give Microsoft an idea of how hard to push for the developer to give the thumbs up for BC.... Not completely pointless
  • Kinda bummed was hoping for something better this week:( Tales of vesperia Eternal sonata Ninja blade Vanquish Infinite undiscovery Alien rage Thief
  • Nice! That means I can install the entire game in one go. (Which is the coolest feature of Xbox One. If you own the season pass of a game, it installs those as well with every single other piece of DLC you might own. :) )
  • Typical, best this annoys a lot of Walking dead fans, you bought it first on xbox 360, then cuz you couldn't transfer saves over to xbox one, you bought it on that as well. Then all of sudden they give S1 and 2 away from free with GWG and then to top it off, make it BC
  • All sonic, metal gear and dragon ball game need to go backwards compatible.
  • In an utopian world, all games would be backwards compatible.
  • @12: No one should be upset. You've always been able to import your save from Xbox 360 to Xbox One for Season Two to continue the story.
  • I don't understand the need to put 360 games bac cat when there is an xbox one version available. Can't they just make the one version free for those that have a digital 360 copy?
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